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Disabled woman left without help over Christmas





Abandoned at Christmas: Jackie was left with jam and bread.

A YOUNG woman with spina bifida has been left to her own devices over Christmas and told that both social services and Carmarthenshire County Council will not be meeting to discuss her circumstances until January 10.

Meanwhile the woman, Jackie, is living off bread and jam and has no means of cooking and is unable to even reach the sink as it has not been adapted.

The Herald received an urgent plea for help from the young woman’s friend, Julia Burns, who said: “Jackie has been moved around hotels in Llanelli for weeks before being rehoused in a bungalow by Carmarthenshire County Council after repeatedly asking for adaptions to her previous bungalow. She has been rehoused, following disability hate crimes by neighbours who were harassing her, as well as throwing bricks at her windows.”

Julia also told The Herald that Jackie has not been aided by the police.

She said: “This had been reported to the Police on several occasions and their failure to act led to a bout of severe depression, when she was frightened to leave her property or let her dogs out. As a result of this, social services moved her out at a moment’s notice, took her dogs and forced her to sign a rehoming document for her dogs, which she believed would be returned when she was rehoused.”

Speaking about Jackie’s dire circumstances at Christmas Julia said: “She has no means of cooking – if her microwave had been returned then she would at least have been able to reheat microwave dinners or cook herself something hot, so is reduced to eating bread and jam most of the time.”

Hygiene has also become an issue for the severely disabled young woman. Julia told us: “She does not have enough clothes to be able to go to a launderette and wash them once a week. Her washing machine and tumble dryer have also not been returned along with TV, music, 3 piece suite furniture and home contents along with her electric wheelchair.”

The Herald visited Jackie at her home in Llanelli and we saw for ourselves how bad her circumstances are.

Her Bungalow is entirely empty of furniture except for her bed and wheelchair. She says that her belongings have not been returned. Her companion bichon frise pedigree dogs were also taken away from her and have not been returned. Julia told us that Jackie had been informed that Carmarthenshire County Council staff have destroyed all her worldly goods.

Julia was quite forthright in her view of the council and Social Services. She said: “Treating a disabled person in this manner, is despicable and although reported to the Council it is not being properly addressed as a priority. She has been given a voucher and has bought bedding and a few things for her home but no electrical or white goods which she desperately needs. She was given a hamper from the food bank, which is mainly tins of food which she cannot heat and promised monies for white goods, not yet received, are not enough to replace all the items she had previously.”

Thankfully, the Salvation Army has kindly offered Jackie a Christmas Day dinner and celebrations or she would have been left to sit alone with nothing but bread and jam.

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Llanelli Councillor Resigns from Plaid Cymru





Jordan Randall, Llanelli Rural Councillor for Swiss Valley says he has resigned from Plaid Cymru because he is disappointed with the choice of Plaid candidate again for the forthcoming General Election.

The full statement, sent to The Llanelli Herald today: “This is not a decision that I’ve taken lightly but one which has been a long time coming. 
“I’ve had the privilege of being a Llanelli Rural Councillor in recent years to try my very best in making a difference where I can. I now look forward to continuing this work as an Independent Councillor for Swiss Valley, which will always be my priority. 

“I’ve been very disappointed with the choice of Plaid candidate again for the forthcoming General Election. If the party is to make any progress in the Town, then it needs a candidate who is local to the area and actually understands the everyday issues which face our communities. We do not need someone who is completely out of touch and unfortunately just sees Llanelli as a stepping stone to advance their own career. 

“Ongoing personal vendettas now seem to be the most important thing for Plaid Cymru at a local level. I no longer recognise the party. The party already lost a number of lifelong members in recent years due to the negativity locally. Astonishingly, they have also taken the decision to no longer have an all year round office presence within the Town. 
“Calls for national leadership have simply gone unanswered, with new leader Adam Price unwilling to intervene in any way to try to achieve a way forward.

“I am also not happy and have been for some time with Plaid’s position on Brexit as they are simply ignoring the wishes of the people of Llanelli as the Town overwhelmingly voted to leave in the referendum, a decision which whether people voted to Remain or Leave ought to be one which is respected. 

“Party politics is broken but I remain committed to campaigning to improve our public services, helping to sort out any concerns and supporting ideas which will strengthen and grow our community.”

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Plaid’s pro-EU Saturday push in Trimsaran




DUBBED Pro-EU Saturday, the 30th November in Trimsaran saw the local girl and MP candidate Mari Arthur, descend on her home village of Trimsaran, to draw attention to the £680million of European Union (EU) funds that Wales receives every single year.

The only Remain candidate in Llanelli, Mari Arthur was proudly joined by Plaid Cymru regional AM Helen Mary Jones, Wales MEP Jill Evans, County Councillor Kim Broom, and a whole host of supporters, to speak with as many people as possible in the community ahead of the General Election on 12th December.

Plaid Cymru candidate Mari Arthur said: “I was thrilled to be joined in Trimsaran by so many people to talk about why EU funds have been vital for the area. We are a net beneficiary, which means that, as a nation, we get £245milion more than we pay into the EU.

“Trimsaran Leisure Centre itself is a building that received £180k from EU funds and is now the beating heart of the community. It’s great to see how this is still having a positive impact on people living in the village and further afield.”

West Wales and the Valleys is a “less developed region”, which means it is one of the “poorest regions” in Europe, as its GDP is less than 75% of the EU average. This means that £680million of EU funds comes to Wales, in the form of:

Structural Funds which amounts to just over £4 billion in extra funds to Wales since 2000, including £180,000 towards the build of Trimsaran Leisure Centre Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with £200million a year – almost a third of all EU funding in Wales – providing vital support to 16,0000 farms in Wales.

Other Funds that help support everything else, like the arts and biodiversity. Speaking from Trimsaran, Jill Evans MEP, said: “It’s wonderful to be here today in Trimsaran and to see the fantastic support on the doorstep for Plaid Cymru, and the only local candidate on the Llanelli ticket: Mari Arthur. It’s very heartening!

“Obviously, like elsewhere in Wales, there’s a real feeling of frustration on the doorstep in relation to Brexit – among those who voted to leave AND those who voted to remain three years ago. Plaid Cymru is proudly Remain, because we believe Brexit – particularly a No Deal Brexit – would be catastrophic for Wales.

“Ask yourselves this: will Westminster Government honour this level of funding, post-Brexit? It is almost certainly a No. Vote Plaid.”

Helen Mary Jones AM, also at Trimsaran Leisure Centre, said: “It was wonderful to be at Trimsaran and to have a glimpse into what the future could be like: with Kim Broom speaking up for the community at Plaid Cymru-led Carmarthenshire Council, myself at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, Jill in Brussels and then Mari at Westminster. It would be wonderful to have a team in place that could deliver comprehensive support to the community.”
The Pro-EU day highlighted the positive impact that EU funding has had on the lives of people and communities across the Llanelli constituency.

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Criminal damage at a caravan park in Kidwelly.




POLICE are investigating reports of thefts and criminal damage at a caravan park in Kidwelly.

Two reports have been made, with a number of items stolen from two caravans at Tanylan Caravan Park.

The first incident took place between September 23 and October 12.

A number of items – including fishing equipment, computer consoles and £300 cash – were stolen, and an awning window was smashed.

The second report was made on October 13, with the crime taking place sometime after August 25.

Scooters, camping equipment, TVs, DVD players, Amazon fire sticks, a Wii U console, and several other items were taken.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is asked to contact PC 810 at Carmarthen Police Station.

You can report information by calling 101.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired text the non-emergency number on 07811 311 908.

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