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Warning issued to swimmers in Swiss Valley reservoir

WELSH WATER has issued a warning following reports that swimmers are using their Swiss Valley reservoir.

The company, which launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of reservoir swimming last month, said that this summer there had so far been 304 incidents across Wales where people had tried to enter the water because of hot weather.

“Sometimes swimming in reservoirs could be fatal like the two deaths in 2013,” a spokesperson said.

“With school summer holidays starting this week, Welsh Water has issues a fresh warning to remind people of the dangers of swimming in reservoirs. This comes after as the company has seen an increase in people risking their lives in recent hot weather.”

The company has launched its own campaign to highlight the dangers of swimming in reservoirs, One Last Breath, which features an emotional clip on the impact on friends and family of a drowning.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Perry, said: “We see a big increase in incidents at our reservoirs during the school holidays. Reservoirs might seem like a great place to cool off, but they are full of hidden dangers. The freezing temperatures, hidden machinery and strong currents will pull even the strongest swimmer under the water.

“We know the weather is particularly warm at the moment and people are tempted to go for a swim – but I cannot emphasise enough that people are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of people who may try and help if they get into difficulty.”

The warning comes less than a week after police urged people not to swim at Cilyrychen Quarry at Llandybie

PC John Hill, from Ammanford Police, said: “I can’t stress enough the dangers and risks at this site. I urge people to consider the consequences of entering the quarry and the water; there are a number of hazards including sheer faces and deep cold water.

“Please, just keep out.”

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