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Who is to blame for rat ‘infestation’?




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Rat infestation: Should CCC have in-house pest control?

A QUESTION relating to ‘a number’ of rat infestations in Llanelli was raised at Wednesday’s (Jan 13) full council meeting.

Former Executive Member for Housing Tegwen Devichand told the current holder of the portfolio Linda Evans that she had received ‘a number of complaints’ from tenants and residents relating to rat infestations in their properties. “Although continued baiting has been carried out, rats are still invading a number of homes,” Cllr Devichand added. “They are destroying the personal effects of the residents and tenants and also chewing electric wires etc. One lady told me she was afraid to get out of bed in the night to use the bathroom in case she was attacked by one of these vermin.”

Cllr Devichand suggested that the rats were entering the properties via outside drains, and that this had become more of an issue since Dwr Cymru had stopped baiting their drains, and asked whether Cllr Evans could contact the water board and other agencies to look for a solution to this problem. Shortly before Cllr Devichand asked this question, Council Chair Peter Hughes-Griffiths asked councillors raising questions at a full council meeting whether or not they could, in some instances, be addressed privately to officers and members of the Executive Board to get a ‘fuller answer’. Whether or not this was aimed at Cllr Devichand’s query, she responded by stating that her question was ‘very important for tenants and the population’ of the county. Cllr Evans began her response by suggesting that the issue, which related to the health, wellbeing and belongings of residents, should have been addressed to Executive Member for Environment and Public Protection Jim Jones. However, she added, as it had been addressed to her, she would answer.

The council was informed that across Carmarthenshire CCC had received 255 requests for assistance with vermin in the last year, 77 of which were related to council-owned properties: “Having received the complaint, officers will offer advice,” she added, mentioning that the disposal of waste food was frequently an issue. “In extreme circumstances, enforcement action will be taken,” she added. Apparently this had happened 27 times, though it was unclear whether the action had been taken against the complainant or a third party. In relation to the ‘number of complaints’ from Cllr Devichand’s Dafen ward, Cllr Evans said that they could only find one instance of a complaint being made – an incident where rats had damaged electrical wiring – and that council officers had visited the property in December. She asked Cllr Devichand to provide details of the other cases in order for investigations to begin.

Cllr Evans and Cllr Jones would also write to Dwr Cymru and other agencies for information about the methods they used, she added. Cllr Devichand responded by saying that the complaints had come to her, not in her capacity as a county councillor, but because she had formerly held the post of Executive Member for Housing for three years, and still received complaints. In a supplementary question, Cllr Devichand claimed that the public had been ‘more confident’ in their pest control when the local authority had an in-house pest control department, and asked whether it could be re-instated. This service was abolished under the Labour-Independent coalition in 2011 – something Cllr Evans wasted no time in pointing out, although, as is becoming traditional, the role of their new coalition partners in this was not mentioned. The question of whether pest control services should be brought in-house again was also avoided.

This is far from the first time that residents have raised complaints about the council’s lack of pest control, with one woman even going as far as leaving a live rat with receptionists at County Hall with instructions to pass it on to Chief Executive Mark James. As is still the case today, a council spokesperson said that they would have offered advice to the person about how they could deal with the problem themselves.

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1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Kevin R

    May 9, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Pest control should be handled by whoever is responsible. In this case, the rats have been using Dwr Cymru outside drains to enter the properties. They’ve been baiting their drains so they also know it’s their responsibility, but I don’t understand why they suddenly stopped.

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How Wales created 19 new field hospitals in less than 8 weeks…




Across Wales the Welsh Government is supporting the NHS to create new field hospitals and rapidly increase bed capacity.
Health boards have repurposed existing buildings, including the Principality Stadium, a holiday park and even a television studio to provide an additional 6,000 beds.Field hospitals are designed to support the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic by providing extra bed capacity but they will also help normal hospital services be restarted and support social care services.Last month, the first patients were admitted to Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig at the Principality Stadium, in Cardiff.

Four to six weeks

Here is how Wales almost doubled its bed capacity in less than eight weeks…The time it has taken to nearly double hospital bed capacity in Wales, creating field hospitals across the nation.

19 field hospitals in Wales
This includes the repurposing of Bluestone Holiday Park and Parc y Scarlets in west Wales and Venue Cymru in north Wales.

1,500 beds at the Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig
Making it one of the largest field hospitals in the UK.

Five days
The length of time it took to plan Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig, which overlapped with the build phase.

The number of planning hours, involving more than 20 different disciplines, it took to plan Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig.

Welsh Government funding for the set up, construction and equipment for field hospitals in Wales.

The number of pieces of equipment have been provided to help support field hospitals, including beds, imaging equipment, syringe drivers and medicines.

Three North Wales field hospitals have the name Enfys
Meaning rainbow – the symbol of hope and thank you to the NHS during the pandemic.
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7-year-old Mattie from Pembrey takes on home Pen y Fan-tastic challenge for Action for Children




Plucky Mattie Denman will climb the equivalent of Pen y Fan in the drive at her family home in Pembrey on Friday 22nd May to raise funds for Action for Children.

Mattie (7), has always wanted to climb the highest mountain in South Wales and is unable to currently because of the coronavirus pandemic.  As the family exercise at home every day, she decided she wanted to do the 6-mile equivalent journey there while she waits for the chance to do it for real.  Mattie chose Action for Children as her mother, Sian, works for the charity in Carmarthenshire.

Mattie said: ‘My Mammy works for Action for Children and I want to help as well because lots of families need help.  My older brother and sister help Action for Children, so I asked Mammy if I could do something. We exercise everyday walking up and down the drive and I have always wanted to climb Pen y Fan, but we have never done it.

‘Mammy said I could pretend I am walking it and people will give money to the charity. I said brilliant, that is what I am going to do and I am super excited to do it. I will use mammy’s step counter and I hope I can help children that need support especially because it is so hard for some families because of coronavirus.’

Proud mum and family support practitioner for Action for Children, Sian, added: ‘Mattie has a lovely heart and really wanted to do something and I’m very proud she chose Pen y Fan as her home challenge.  Action for Children has been going the extra mile during the coronavirus pandemic continuing to support vulnerable families through phone and video sessions as well as food and help with the basics from our Emergency Appeal Fund. 

‘It is a tremendously challenging time for our families and every bit of money will directly help those in our communities who need it most.  I hope as many people as possible will donate to Mattie’s brilliant fundraising effort, it’ll make it even more special when we finally get to climb Pen y Fan for real.’

If you want to support Mattie’s Pen y Fan challenge please go to:

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Housebuilder launches Coronavirus move in package




A South Wales housebuilder has launched new incentives which mean homes are ‘ready to move into’ during the Covid-19 crisis – without the need for tradespeople or delivery people.

People in Wales are allowed to move into new build houses during the lockdown – and many people have successfully done so.

However, the limitations of social distancing can add extra stress when it comes to having things like dishwashers, washing machines and turf installed in the new property.

That’s why Persimmon Homes West Wales has launched a new incentive package which gives purchasers the chance to buy a house with white goods and flooring already in place.

Sharon Bouhali, sales director at Persimmon Homes West Wales, said: “Our sales advisors have done a terrific job in talking with customers and guiding them through the buying process remotely, without the need of face-to-face meetings.

“It’s been a huge challenge, but we’ve risen to it – and Persimmon has sold more than 120 properties in South Wales during the lockdown period. We have customers moving into their new homes every week.

“But, understandably, some people are cautious about having too many tradespeople and contractors enter their home, even if they are doing their utmost to abide by social distancing rules.

“That’s why we have launched these new packages which mean people can turn the key, unpack and get on with enjoying their new home.”

The package includes carpets and vinyl throughout, turf in the back garden, sliding wardrobes, integrated fridge freezer, integrated washer/dryer, integrated dishwasher and £500 discount towards removal fees.

The deal is on offer at Glas Y Felin in Bridgend, Parc Yr Onnen in Carmarthen, The Bridles in Llanelli, Peterson Park in Pontyclun, Parc Brynderi in Llanelli and Allt Y Celyn in Rhos.

Persimmon’s marketing suites in Wales remain closed for the time being. Visit or call 01792 229800 for details of homes available.

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