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Drunken violence in Llanelli graveyard




Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.42.01TWO Llanelli men: 18-yearold Corey Nightingale from Station Road and 21-year-old Joshua Palethorpe from Llys F ran, appeared before Llanelli Magistrates Court on Thursday (Mar 10), both men pleading guilty to being threatening and abusive to Police Officers.

Prosecutor Sharon Anderson told the court:

“At 2.30am on February 16, police on duty saw two males running across the road and into the graveyard near Vaughan Street, Llanelli. Nightingale was carrying a bottle of vodka and Palethorpe had his trousers down around his ankles and blood splattered all over his white t-shirt.

“PC Ebenezer and PC Davies shouted out to the two males, and got a string of profanities shouted by Nightingale in reply.”

Police approached the two males in the cemetery. Mr Palethorpe kept trying to walk away whilst Constable Ebenezer was questioning him about his blood-covered shirt and his trousers which were down by his ankles.

Ms Anderson continued: “Constable Ebenezer had to grab his arm to keep him from walking away. Mr Palethorpe was shouting abuse and profanities at both police officers, and moved his head forward as if to headbutt Constable Ebenezer.

“She took a step back to avoid him and continued her questioning. Mr Palethorpe then moved his head forward a second time in an attempt to headbutt the officer. She said that Mr Palethorpe’s breath smelled of alcohol.

“Constable Ebenezer was fearful for her own safety, and Constable Davies was afraid that the defendant would assault her. Constable Davies then put Mr Palethorpe onto the ground, where he continued to shout derogatory comments at both officers.

“Whilst Mr Palethorpe was being arrested, Nightingale continued to shout abuse and was then spoken to by Constable Davies, who told him to leave the area. Mr Nightingale refused and continued to shout abuse and profanities.

“People in the surrounding houses began to look on at the commotion in the graveyard, at which point Mr Nightingale was arrested. Mr Nightingale is in breach of his six month conditional discharge which was issued in December last year for a drug order.”

Mr Lloyd, defending both Nightingale and Palethorpe, told the court: “Mr Nightingale’s offence was of using threatening abuse and behaviour. My client was reacting to his friend being arrested. Mr Palethorpe had to be floored two times by officers, to which Mr Nightingale shouted ‘I have to help my friend.’

“While words were used, there was no violence involved in this case. My client gave a guilty plea at the earliest possible opportunity, and there are no other pending offences against him.

“As you can see, Mr Nightingale’s conditional discharge which was issued in December was only six months and not 12, which highlights that it was not a very serious issue, so I ask you to please take this into account when considering the outcome of this case.

“Mr Palethorpe wants to apologise through the defence to both the court and to Officers Ebenezer and Davies and does not challenge any of what was said in the prosecution. He has 43 previous offences, many of which are public offences.

“Mr Palethorpe was drinking as it was the anniversary of the death of a close relative. He is ashamed of his actions, especially of his behaviour towards the police officers.

“He has no memory of why his trousers were down or how he injured himself to have blood splattered all over his t-shirt, but he unreservedly apologises to the officers and accepts all blame.

“There was no injury or assault on either of the police officers, and he was justifiably taken to the ground on two occasions throughout the arrest.

“Following his arrest, he was taken by police directly to Swansea prison for 14 days as a result of his actions on the night in question. He will remain on probation until 2017.”

Llanelli Magistrates issued Palethorpe with a fine of £120, which was reduced because of his early guilty plea. Additionally, he had to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge, as well as continuing with his probation until 2017.

Nightingale was given an £80 fine, which was also reduced due to his early guilty plea. He had to pay prosecution costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20. Magistrates also told him that his conditional discharge would continue to run for the remainder of its term.

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Zoe Evans, Llanelli painter and decorator, is British Apprentice of the Year




Zoe Evans, a 21 year old painter and decorator from Llanelli, has been named the GB Apprentice of the Year and Welsh Apprentice of the Year at the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)
Apprenticeship Awards.

The CITB Apprenticeship Awards celebrate the achievements of apprentices and employers across the UK for their commitment and dedication to construction.

The winners were presented with their awards at a ceremony hosted by broadcaster and property entrepreneur, Sarah Beeny. The ceremony took place at Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London (7 November).

Zoe completed a level 2 apprenticeship in painting and decorating, to go onto achieve her Advanced level 3. With her artistic flair, Zoe enjoys the creative aspects of her trade and plans to take a career route in interior design. Zoe’s amazing commitment to being the best she can, has attributed to her becoming an ambassador for women in construction and being the face of the posters across her college, Coleg Sir Gar.

Zoe said: “I’ve loved every single part of my apprentice journey, from the classroom learning to the practical application and the more creative aspects of the job. I want to thank my mentor, Ken MacKay and my employer Ian Williams Ltd. It’s a really good feeling to know that I’ve been
recognised in this way. I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone willing to work hard, have goals and go full out to achieve them.”

Jon Davies, CITB Apprenticeship Officer, said: “When Zoe started her apprenticeship we saw her potential so we fast tracked her from level 1 to level 2. It was important for me to make sure she had the right support to reach the heights she is capable of, and she is doing just that. Zoe makes work a brighter place for everyone around her. Her positive attitude and ability makes her a perfect ambassador for women in construction, and I am really pleased this has been recognised with her award.”

Kevin Mcloughlin, CITB board member and founder and Managing Director of Mcloughlin Decorating, said: “Congratulations to Zoe, a clearly dedicated apprentice – it’s great to recognise her hard work. Apprenticeships provide a fast track route into the construction industry. With so many rewarding careers opportunities in construction there is something out there for everyone. I wish Zoe all the best in her career in construction.”

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Police difuse hostage situation in Cae Glas




AT APPROXIMATELY 10.10pm on Wednesday (Nov 6) police were requested to attend at a property in Cae Glas, Felinfoel, in respect of threats being made by a man within the property to harm himself and a woman inside with a knife.

Officers were deployed immediately, and to ensure the safety of everyone at the scene firearms officers were also deployed.

Chief Inspector Stuart Bell said: “A specialist negotiator worked with the man for a number of hours, bringing the incident to a close at about 1.45am this morning, when the man surrendered himself and was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

“A woman at the scene was also arrested for obstructing police officers. No injuries have been reported.

“There is no threat or danger to anyone outside of the property in the area, and we can reassure residents that there is no need to be concerned as this was an isolated incident.”

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Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns resigns over rape trial sabotage




WELSH SECRETARY Alun Cairns has resigned over claims he knew about a former aide’s role in the “sabotage” of a rape trial. He had denied knowing Tory assembly candidate Ross England made claims about the victim’s sexual history in an April 2018 trial.

The Conservative Vale of Glamorgan MP said he only became aware of Mr England’s role in the trial’s collapse when the story broke last week.
BBC Wales discovered Mr Cairns was emailed about it in August 2018, which was four months before Mr England was chosen as Vale of Glamorgan candidate.

Paul Davies AM told The Herald: “I am sorry to see Alun resign today as the Secretary of State for Wales however, under the circumstances this was the right decision for him. Alun has rightly stated that he will cooperate fully with any investigations.

“I would like to thank Alun for his service to Wales as our Secretary of State where he brought an end to the Severn Bridge tolls which will leave a lasting legacy on the Welsh economy.”

Mr Cairns had been a cabinet member since being appointed in 2016. Mr Cairns intends to run as a candidate in the general election, the Herald understands.

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