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Holiday Hotline Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date & Where To Watch?

Holiday Hotline Cast

In the heartwarming Hallmark Channel movie “Holiday Hotline,” directed by the talented Mark Jean, audiences are treated to a delightful tale of unexpected romance between Abby and Jack. Abby, a British woman with a charming personality, is an employee at a holiday cooking hotline. Her life takes an interesting turn when she receives a phone call from Jack regarding a frozen turkey, sparking conversations which lead them both down an unexpected path of romance despite not realizing their paths have crossed in real life.

Holiday Hotline presents an enthralling narrative set against the festive Christmas season and designed to create an emotionally engaging experience for its audiences. The chemistry between the leads is natural and compelling, drawing viewers into their journey of love and discovery.

“Holiday Hotline” Filming Locations

Production for “Holiday Hotline” took place mainly in Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba. Filming started on September 18 and concluded by October 9 respectively; Winnipeg proved an ideal location for this Christmas-themed movie production.

Winnipeg, Manitoba: A City of Artistic Allure

Renowned for its historic significance, cultural diversity, and vibrant arts scene, Winnipeg was the perfect choice for “Holiday Hotline.” The filmmakers selected Osborne Village, known for its artistic ambiance, as the primary filming site. This neighborhood is a hub for art galleries, theaters, and live music venues, frequently hosting cultural events and art festivals. To create the winter wonderland setting, the production team used artificial snow to transform the area.

Osborne Village’s historical buildings, some dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, add to the film’s charm. One notable location is the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church on 525 Wardlaw Ave, which played a significant role in the movie. This church, with a history dating back to the early 20th century, has been a cornerstone in the community and added a unique architectural element to the film.

The Stars of “Holiday Hotline”

Niall Matter as Jack

Niall Matter, hailing from Edmonton, takes on the role of Jack. He is an accomplished actor and producer, known for his performances in various films and TV series. His notable works include “Watchmen,” “The Predator,” and “Primeval: New World.” Matter has also been a prominent figure in Hallmark Channel productions, starring in movies like “Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater” and “Christmas at Dollywood.”

Emily Tennant as Abby

Emily Tennant, a Vancouver native, portrays Abby. Her acting journey began with the teen sitcom “Mr. Young,” and she later appeared in “Cedar Cove.” Tennant has had a diverse acting career and is a recognized member of the Hallmark family. Her credits include “A Kindhearted Christmas,” “Marry Me at Christmas,” and appearances in “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” and “Riverdale.”

Supporting Cast

The film also features a talented ensemble of actors including Erik Athavale, Sydney Sabiston, Dan De Jaeger, John B. Lowe, Cora Matheson, Myla Volk, Jan Skene, Michael Strickland, Matthew Lupu, Lindsay Nance, Cindy Myskiw, and Kalyn Bomback, each bringing their unique flair to the story.

“Holiday Hotline” is more than just a Christmas movie; it’s a journey of love, serendipity, and the magic of the holiday season, beautifully captured through its enchanting locations and stellar cast.


  1. What is the plot of “Holiday Hotline”?
    “Holiday Hotline” is a romantic story of Abby and Jack falling in love through a holiday cooking hotline.
  2. Who directed “Holiday Hotline”?
    Mark Jean, known for his work on Hallmark Channel films, directed “Holiday Hotline.”
  3. Who are the lead actors in “Holiday Hotline”?
    Niall Matter and Emily Tennant play the lead roles of Jack and Abby, respectively.
  4. Where was “Holiday Hotline” filmed?
    The movie was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, particularly in Osborne Village.
  5. Is “Holiday Hotline” a Christmas-themed movie?
    Yes, “Holiday Hotline” is a Christmas-themed film with a festive and romantic storyline.

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