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What is the ‘JWT is Expired’ Error on Spotify and How to Fix It?

Spotify is the most-used music streaming platform in the world, used by millions to listen to their favorite songs and artists. While the app hardly disappoints with its music and features, there is one particular thing users are frustrated with.

The browser version of the platform is reported to be down by multiple users. A number of listeners have taken to social media to post a screenshot of an error appearing on the website, which says ‘JWT is expired’. So what exactly is the issue and how can you fix it? Read on to find out.

What is the ‘JWT is expired’ Issue on Spotify?

Spotify users have reported that as soon as they open the music streaming service on their web browser, the error message ‘JWT is expired’ is displayed. JWT stands for JSON Web Token. As per Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), it is ‘a compact, URL-safe means of representing claims to be transferred between two parties.’

JWT is a token that authenticates an app or device. It transfers signals after information in the form of digital signs. For security reasons, the JWT comes with an expiration time to avoid data theft. 


So ‘JWT is expired’ simply means that the JSON Web Token has gone past its expiration time. Since the token mainly affects webpages, only the browser version of Spotify has been reported to be affected by it, and the mobile app version is working just fine.

How to Fix the ‘JWT is expired’ Issue on Spotify?

After huge outrage on Twitter, Spotify responded to the public complaints and stated that one should try to close the browser and open it once again to resolve the ‘JWT is expired’ problem. The solution seems to be pretty simple, but it has been tried and tested by a number of users and has shown positive results so far.

If the problem still persists, go to your browser’s settings and clear the cache. Then restart the browser and open Spotify. Another possible solution is to open the web page in a different browser than the one used earlier. If you ever run into JWT or similar problems on Spotify, you can check out Downdetector to see if the platform is down for other users as well.

Users Express Disappointment on Social Media

Multiple users from around the globe have expressed their frustration with the issues they faced on Spotify’s web page. The JWT issue was earlier reported in January as well, and has again surfaced in April 2023. “i have no reason to live rn spotify is down I NEED MUSIC RN,” wrote a user. 

Another tweeted, “i don’t pay for spotify premium for it not to work.” A listener also joked, “Spotify pls hurry up and work again I’ve been alone with my thoughts for 10 minutes now.. this is terrifying.” Another wrote, “Jwt is expired – Spotify. Now I knew there was a reason why I had albums on my old laptop. Modern day problems. ughhhhh 2am Good night internet.”

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