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Fred Bretonnel Cause Of Death Who Was Fred Bretonnel? How Did Fred Bretonnel Death?

Who Was Fred Bretonnel?

Fred Bretonnel carved himself a reputation in boxing from an early age in France, being recognized as an accomplished figure within its realms. From early life experiences through physical attributes and career milestones – his biography paints an in-depth account of an athlete dedicated to their craft.

What Were the Career Highlights of Fred Bretonnel?

Bretonnel’s boxing career was both impressive and influential. He gained significant recognition as a lightweight boxer and even clinched the Featherweight Championship of France. His tenure as a champion, from June 24 to October 7, 1924, was a period marked by his skill and prowess in the ring. His record speaks volumes about his capabilities: out of 76 matches, he won 42, including 14 by knockout, drew 14, and lost 18. A notable moment in his career was his participation in the first French-German match in France post-World War I, where he emerged victorious against Paul Czirson on May 10, 1922. This victory not only underscored his talent but also symbolized a moment of sportsmanship and reconciliation between two nations with a fraught history.

What Led to Fred Bretonnel’s Tragic End?

Tragically, Bretonnel’s life came to an abrupt and sorrowful end on September 4, 1928. At the age of 23, he committed suicide by hanging, a decision reportedly influenced by “family troubles”. This incident left a void in the boxing community and among his admirers, raising questions about the pressures and personal struggles faced by athletes behind their public personas. His untimely death serves as a reminder of the often unseen challenges faced by sports figures and the importance of mental health awareness in the athletic community.

What Was Fred Bretonnel’s Physical Stature?

Details about Fred Bretonnel’s height, weight, and physical measurements, at the time of writing, remain unrecorded. However, it is clear that his physical fitness and conditioning played a significant role in his success as a boxer. Boxers, known for their rigorous training regimes and attention to physical conditioning, rely heavily on their physical attributes to excel in the sport. As updates become available, they will provide a fuller picture of the physical profile that supported his boxing career.

Was Fred Bretonnel in a Relationship?

Regarding his personal life, Fred Bretonnel was reportedly single at the time of his passing. Information about any past relationships or engagements remains sparse, suggesting that he may have kept his personal life private. This lack of public detail about his relationships is not uncommon among athletes and public figures who often choose to keep their private lives separate from their professional personas.

What Was Fred Bretonnel’s Net Worth?

Estimating Fred Bretonnel’s net worth can be challenging due to his time period; it is clear, though, that boxing was his main source of income at his death. Athletes in early 20th century differed significantly in regards to earning from sports compared to today and his net worth likely aligned with economic norms for boxers during that era and profession; it shows his dedication and sacrifice which gave rise to such modest earnings as it reflected financial realities for athletes during that time.

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