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Was Joost Van Der Westhuizen Married? Who Was Joost Van Der Westhuizen Wife?

Joost van der Westhuizen made an indelible mark in rugby. Not only was he an effective player on the pitch; also notable were his personal relationships and life story which garnered much acclaim. Among these relationships, his marriage to Amor Vittone stands out as a notable chapter in his life. This article explores the dynamics of Joost’s marriage with Amor, their journey through his illness, and the lasting impact of their relationship.

Who Was Joost van der Westhuizen?

Joost van der Westhuizen was a renowned rugby player, celebrated for revolutionizing the position of scrum-half. His career, exclusively with the Bulls, was illustrious, earning him 89 caps and 38 tries. After his successful playing career ended in 2011 due to motor neurone disease diagnosis, Amor Vittone’s life also changed in profound ways; she would become his life partner and wife. It marked a turning point both personally and in their relationship together.

Who Was Joost van der Westhuizen’s Wife, Amor Vittone?

Amor Vittone, a singer by profession, entered Joost’s life before the challenges of his illness. Their marriage was a blend of love, celebrity, and later, shared adversity. Amor became not only his partner but also a pillar of support during his battle with motor neurone disease. Despite their separation, her role in his life remained significant, offering a glimpse into the complexities and depth of their relationship.

What Was the Nature of Joost and Amor’s Relationship?

Joost and Amor’s relationship was one of highs and lows, marked by love, conflict, and resilience. Their marriage faced challenges, including Joost’s involvement in a sex tape scandal, leading to their eventual separation in 2009. However, their bond transcended these difficulties, especially as Joost confronted his debilitating illness. Amor’s support during this time highlighted the enduring connection between them, even in the face of personal and public challenges.

How Did Amor Support Joost Through His Illness?

Despite their separation, Amor Vittone remained a steadfast support to Joost during his struggle with motor neurone disease. Her presence at his side, particularly during his most challenging moments, underscored a deep-seated bond. Amor’s emotional tribute at Joost’s memorial service, where she remembered him as a “handsome man with the most beautiful eyes,” reflected the profound impact he had on her life.

What Impact Did Their Relationship Have on Their Lives?

The relationship between Joost and Amor was impactful, shaping both their lives in significant ways. For Joost, Amor’s support during his illness was a source of strength. For Amor, Joost’s legacy continued to influence her life, as she believed he played a role in saving her from a dangerous situation after his passing. This belief demonstrates the deep emotional and spiritual connection she felt with Joost, even after his death.


The marriage of Joost van der Westhuizen and Amor Vittone was more than a celebrity romance; it was a complex tapestry of love, challenge, and enduring connection. Their journey together through the trials of Joost’s illness and the aftermath of his passing reveals a profound narrative of resilience and enduring love. As we reflect on their story, it serves as a reminder of the power of relationships to transcend even the most daunting challenges.

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