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Was Rick Genest Married? Everything We Know So Far!

Rick Genest Married

Rick Genest, famously known as Zombie Boy due to his unique body art, captured the world’s attention not just for his Guinness World Record of having the most bones inked on his body but also for his distinct presence in the entertainment industry. His journey from performing in freak shows to becoming a notable fashion and film figure is both fascinating and inspiring. A frequently raised query regarding his personal life concerns whether or not he ever married; therefore this article offers insight into this aspect of his relationships and personal life.

Was Rick Genest Married?

Despite his fame and unique appearance, Rick Genest was not married. He had a striking persona that naturally drew attention, but he remained unmarried throughout his life.

Who Was Rick Genest Dating?

Genest’s love life was a topic of curiosity for many. He once mentioned having a girlfriend named Imanee. However, their relationship did not lead to marriage. He also had a significant relationship with a woman named Image, but again, this did not culminate in marriage.

How Did Rick Genest’s Relationships Impact His Life?

Genest’s relationships, though not leading to marriage, were meaningful to him. He was known to be a romantic partner, often taking his girlfriends out for lunch and expressing his affection through music.

What Happened to Rick Genest’s Partners After His Death?

Following Rick Genest’s death, there is little public information about his former partners. They have maintained a low profile, preferring a life away from the public eye.

How Did Rick Genest Die?

Rick Genest’s life met an untimely end on August 1, 2018, just a few days before he would turn 33 years old. After falling from his apartment balcony in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and initially being thought as possible suicide attempt by family and friends alike, investigations revealed his death was in fact accidental due to severe head trauma sustained upon impact with concrete pavement.

What Were the Circumstances Surrounding His Death?

At the time of his death, Genest had high levels of alcohol as well as trace amounts of marijuana present in his system; there was no apparent suicide note or evidence supporting any intentional acts on his part; Melissa Gagnon ruled his demise accidental.

How is Rick Genest Remembered?

Rick Genest stands as an iconic figure in fashion, music, and film industries. His Guinness World Records certification, high-profile campaigns that bear his name and acting roles are evidence of his vast skillset and lasting legacy.

What is Rick Genest’s Cultural Significance?

Genest’s journey, from overcoming brain tumor to becoming a celebrated writer and filmmaker, serves as an apt testament to resilience and individual expression. His legacy continues to encourage those who share in his artistic vision as well as represent artistic liberty he represented.


Rick Genest’s life, though cut short prematurely, was filled with impressive achievements, strong relationships and profound cultural influence. Although never married himself, his relationships and personal journey remain fascinating and inspiring; while his legacy in fashion and entertainment remain profound reminders of individualism and living true to oneself.

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