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Thanksgiving 2023 – Which Stores Are Open & Closed On Thanksgiving In 2023?

Thanksgiving 2023

The holiday season of 2023 brings with it the warmth of Thanksgiving, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, as families gather to share gratitude and feasts, the question of what’s open and what’s closed becomes crucial, especially considering the subsequent Black Friday sales. While many retailers, like Walmart and Target, are closing their doors on Thanksgiving to give employees a well-deserved break, others have adjusted hours. This article delves into the operational status of various stores and grocery chains on Thanksgiving 2023, providing clarity for your holiday planning.

Walmart and Target: Embracing Family Time

Walmart and Target, two of the nation’s retail giants, have announced they will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day 2023. This decision reflects a growing trend among major retailers to prioritize employee well-being and family time during the holiday season. This closure allows employees to recharge before the onset of the busy Black Friday sales. Consumers planning to hit these stores for holiday shopping will need to wait until Friday when the doors reopen, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping frenzy.

Costco, CVS, and Walgreens: Balancing Access and Rest

Costco joins the list of closures, giving its employees a day off. However, CVS Pharmacy takes a different approach, closing all non-24 hour locations early, while maintaining service in select stores. This provides a balance between accessibility for customers and holiday rest for employees. Walgreens, known for its wide network of stores, will also close most locations, a first for the chain. Nonetheless, their 24-hour locations will continue to operate, ensuring that customers have access to essential items and pharmacy needs.

Grocery Store Chain Operations

Several grocery chains, including ACME, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Safeway, and Vons, are adapting to the holiday by adjusting their hours. This decision underscores the importance of customer convenience while respecting the spirit of the holiday. These adjustments allow customers to make last-minute purchases while giving employees shorter workdays.

Special Hours for Selected Stores

Meijer and Sprouts Farmers Market are two chains offering specific operational hours on Thanksgiving. Meijer will open early in the morning and close by the evening, while Sprouts opts for a shorter operational window, from early morning to early afternoon. These tailored hours demonstrate a commitment to serving customers’ needs while acknowledging the significance of the holiday for employees.

Complete Closures for a Day of Rest

On the other side of the spectrum, several grocery stores, including Aldi, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Winn-Dixie, have chosen to remain closed on Thanksgiving. This decision reflects a respect for the holiday’s traditional values, allowing employees to spend the entire day with their families and partake in their own Thanksgiving celebrations.


Thanksgiving 2023 is a time for togetherness, reflection, and gratitude. As families prepare to celebrate, understanding the operational status of various retailers and grocery stores is key to seamless holiday planning. This year, many are choosing to close or adjust hours in favor of employee well-being and holiday spirit. Whether it’s a last-minute grocery run or planning for Black Friday shopping, this guide helps navigate what’s open and what’s closed, ensuring a stress-free and joyous Thanksgiving.

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