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Who Is Eric Adams Ex-Girlfriend? Meet Chrisena Coleman

Eric Adams' Ex-Girlfriend

Eric Adams, the 110th mayor of New York City and a significant figure in American politics, has always been a topic of public interest. While he maintains a relatively private personal life, attention has occasionally shifted to his former partner, Chrisena Coleman. Known for her accomplishments in media and filmmaking, Coleman is also recognized for her relationship with Eric Adams and her role as a mother to their son.

Who is Chrisena Coleman?

Chrisena Coleman is an American media consultant, freelance writer, and filmmaker, who came into the limelight primarily due to her relationship with Eric Adams. Coleman has managed to remain relatively private despite her link to public figures, while remaining mum about details including her age and other personal information. She is mother to Jordan and Justin Coleman from her prior relationship with Adams; Jordan graduated American University as a film and television actor.

Coleman has had remarkable professional achievements. Since 2008, she has been making waves in the media industry by working as a freelance journalist – first for publications like New York Daily News and then later The Record. Additionally, in 2011 she made history by producing and writing the movie ‘Payin’ the Price’ – making an indelible mark in film as an industry pioneer.

Coleman is deeply engaged with social causes beyond media journalism; she founded Just Between Girlfriends as an organization dedicated to supporting individuals affected by domestic violence, diabetes and cancer; children living with imprisoned parents as well as domestic abuse survivors. Coleman boasts an outstanding educational background as she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University before enrolling at Emerson College for further studies.

The Personal and Professional Intersection

Chrisena Coleman’s life intersects the personal and professional realms. Though her relationship with Eric Adams brought her into the public eye, her individual achievements shine brightly as well. From journalism and filmmaking to social causes and activism, her dedication and drive can be seen everywhere she goes.

Her role as a mother to Jordan and Justin also highlights her familial commitments. Jordan Coleman’s success as a filmmaker and actor is a testament to the supportive environment she fostered. This aspect of her life demonstrates the balance she maintains between her professional endeavors and her responsibilities as a parent.

A Private Life in the Public Eye

Chrisena Coleman’s life story is a compelling narrative of a woman who, despite her associations with a public figure, has carved out her own identity through her professional and philanthropic efforts. Her journey reflects the challenges and triumphs of balancing a private life with public attention. As the ex-girlfriend of Eric Adams and the mother of his son, she navigates these roles with a dignity and resolve that sets her apart as an individual of substance and depth.

In the context of today’s society, where the personal lives of public figures are often scrutinized, Chrisena Coleman’s story is a refreshing reminder of the importance of recognizing individuals for their own merits and contributions, beyond their associations with others. Her story is not just about her relationship with a prominent politician but about her own journey as a professional, a mother, and a contributor to societal welfare.

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