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Chithha OTT Release Date: A New Chapter for Siddharth Emotional Thriller

chithha ott release date

The much-acclaimed film ‘Chithha’, starring the versatile Siddharth, is gearing up for its OTT release, creating a buzz among movie enthusiasts. Despite facing stiff competition at the box office from big releases like Jayam Ravi’s ‘Iraivan’ and Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Chandramukhi 2’, ‘Chithha’ emerged as a sleeper hit, resonating deeply with critics and audiences alike. This article delves into the journey of ‘Chithha’ from the silver screen to OTT platforms, highlighting its release date, the storyline, and its profound social impact.

The Journey to OTT Success

‘Chithha’, after its commendable theatrical run, is poised to make its OTT debut, much to the anticipation of Siddharth’s fans. Siddharth himself has expressed his gratitude to the audience for their support and is eagerly awaiting the film’s digital premiere. This section will explore the film’s journey, the word-of-mouth buzz that propelled it to success, and how the OTT release is expected to extend its reach and impact.

OTT Release Date and Platform

Contrary to earlier reports of a November 17 release, ‘Chithha’ is officially set to premiere on Disney+Hotstar on November 28, 2023. This segment will focus on the significance of this release date, the reasons behind the choice of Disney+Hotstar as the streaming platform, and what this means for the film’s accessibility to a wider audience.

Exploring the Cast and Crew of Chithha

‘Chithha’ boasts a stellar cast including Siddharth, Sahasra Sree, and Nimisha Sajayan, backed by the musical talents of Dhibu Ninan Thomas and Vishal Chandrasekhar. Su Arun Kumar can be credited for her visionary approach in creating this emotional thriller film, while this section will detail their contributions as cast and crew members.

The Powerful Message of Chithha

At its core, ‘Chithha’ is more than just an emotional thriller; it’s a poignant narrative addressing the grave social issue of child abuse. The film skillfully delivers a powerful message on the treatment and support of abuse survivors and the impact on their families. This section will delve into the thematic depth of ‘Chithha’, discussing its portrayal of sensitive issues and the societal conversations it aims to spark.


The OTT release of ‘Chithha’ marks a significant milestone in the film’s journey, offering a broader platform for its impactful story. As it prepares to reach audiences worldwide through Disney+Hotstar, this conclusion will summarize the film’s essence, its expected impact on the OTT audience, and its potential to continue resonating deeply with viewers, inspiring change and awareness around the critical issue of child abuse.

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