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Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action Release Date, Where to Watch & Everything We Know?

Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action release date

The highly anticipated “Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action” movie is set to bring the riveting story of Hanagaki Takemichi to the big screen once again. After the success of its predecessor, this sequel delves further into the manga’s narrative by exploring new arcs and challenges faced by protagonist. Audiences will surely be charmed by its riveting narrative and returning cast, and the addition of new characters, all set within the compelling universe of Ken Wakui’s “Tokyo Revengers.”

Release Date and Film Structure

“Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action” is uniquely structured in two parts, enhancing the storytelling experience. The first part, “Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Unmei- (Bloody Halloween Arc -Fate-),” is scheduled for release on April 21, 2023, aligning with Japan’s Golden Week, a period known for its high cinema attendance. The second part, “Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Kessen- (Bloody Halloween Arc -Decisive Battle-),” will premiere on June 30, 2023, capturing the summer audience. This split release format allows for a more in-depth exploration of the manga’s arcs, giving fans a comprehensive cinematic experience. The anticipation for these releases is high, as fans eagerly await to see how the filmmakers have adapted the manga’s complex narrative and character dynamics into a live-action format.

Viewing Options and Availability

While “Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action” is initially set for a theatrical release in Japan, its availability in other regions is a topic of much interest. The movie is expected to follow a similar distribution strategy as its predecessor, potentially opening in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan after debuting in Japan. As yet there has been no confirmation regarding these potential releases a streaming platform release, but fans can remain hopeful, given the global popularity of the franchise. The first film’s eventual release on DVD and Blu-ray towards the end of the previous year provides a precedent for home viewing options, suggesting a similar path for the sequel.

Storyline and Expectations

“Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action” adapts the Bloody Halloween Arc from the manga’s fourth to eighth volume, promising a storyline filled with intense drama and emotional depth. This arc follows Takemichi as he faces the heart-wrenching reality of Hinata’s murder and his journey back in time to unravel the incident that led to the Tokyo Manji Gang’s dark transformation. The film should explore the intricate dynamics between Takemichi and his founding members of his gang, who play an essential part in fulfilling his mission. This plotline will form the cornerstone for Takemichi’s character development and the evolving dynamics within the Tokyo Manji Gang. Fans can anticipate a faithful adaptation that balances the source material’s essence with the cinematic flair of live-action.

Cast and New Additions

The sequel boasts a stellar cast, with Takumi Kitamura reprising his role as Takemichi Hanagaki. Alongside him, Ryō Yoshizawa and Yuki Yamada return as Majiro “Mikey” Sano and Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, respectively. The continuity in casting helps maintain the narrative’s integrity and character development across the films. Moreover, the addition of new cast members like Kento Nagayama as Keisuke Baji, Nijirō Murakami as Kazutora Hanemiya, and Mahiro Takasugi as Chifuyu Matsuno brings fresh dynamics to the story. These new characters are crucial to the unfolding of the Bloody Halloween Arc and are expected to add depth and complexity to the plot. Their portrayal and interaction with the established characters will be a focal point for fans and critics alike.


“Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action” is more than just a sequel; it is an expansion of a world that has drawn in an impressive audience. Boasting two part release, diverse viewing options, captivating storyline and dynamic cast members, the film promises to be an engaging cinematic event for fans of both manga and first movie alike. Anticipate an adaptation of one of the pivotal arcs from “Tokyo Revengers”, promising action, emotion and intricate storytelling for an experience you won’t forget!

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