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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Relationship Timeline – A Love Story for the Ages

The romantic involvement of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn has been the subject of intense media attention ever since they began dating back in 2016. However, despite their status as high-profile public figures, the couple has largely succeeded in maintaining a certain degree of privacy regarding their relationship.

In the following chronology, we will delve into the captivating tale of their love, beginning with their initial encounter and progressing to their future aspirations.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn’s Relationship Timeline

A deep commitment to privacy has marked Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship since they first began dating six years ago. Swift and Alwyn’s romance has been kept mainly out of the public eye in stark contrast to her previous relationships with public figures such as Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris.

However, in recent times, the couple has gradually become more open about their relationship. This includes Swift’s revelation that Alwyn was the pseudonymous William Bowery, who co-wrote two songs on her critically acclaimed album “Folklore,” and co-wrote three tracks on “evermore,” her latest AlbumAlbum.

Despite their commitment to privacy, the couple had special public moments together. Unfortunately, their relationship ended amicably in the spring of 2023. Below is a timeline detailing their relationship from its early days to its eventual end.

The Met Gala 2016: A Love Connection

The exact moment when Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn first met remains a mystery. However, fans and investigators have speculated that it might have been at the Met Gala in 2016, based on Swift’s song “Dress” lyrics from her 2017 album, “Reputation.” The lyrics in question read: “Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached.” Swift’s hair was bleached at the Met Gala, and Alwyn was spotted with a buzzed haircut around the same time.

It is worth noting that Swift was still dating Calvin Harris at the time of the Met Gala. It was also the same night she met Tom Hiddleston and was captured on video dancing with him, which went viral and sparked rumors of a rebound relationship. Despite the eventful night, the exact moment when Swift and Alwyn first crossed paths remains a subject of speculation among fans and the media.

The Same Kings Of Leon Concert Is Attended By Swift And Alwyn On October 12, 2016

Following Taylor Swift’s highly publicized breakup with Tom Hiddleston, the singer was spotted at a Kings of Leon concert with her friends in October 2016. Online sleuths have since speculated that Joe Alwyn also attended the show. While there is no confirmation that Swift and Alwyn interacted at the concert, this event is often cited as one of the earliest sightings of the couple together. Their relationship would later become the subject of intense media scrutiny, despite their best efforts to keep it private.

In November 2016, Swift Appeared At A Movie Screening With Alwyn

As Swift and her companions attended the premiere of Alwyn’s cinematic masterpiece, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” it remained unclear whether she and Alwyn were in a romantic relationship. Despite their potential romance, press coverage of the event did not mention Alwyn’s name, suggesting their relationship may have been kept under the radar.

Furthermore, whether Alwyn was present at the premiere is still being determined, leaving room for speculation and curiosity. The intricacies of their relationship remain shrouded in mystery, leaving fans and media outlets alike eager for any potential developments.

Their Relationship Was Reported On May 16, 2017

According to an exclusive report, a source close to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn revealed that the couple had been in a relationship for a few months. The source also shared that the couple’s friends and families were aware of their romance, but they had kept their relationship under wraps from the media.

The source explained that Taylor had learned to be more protective of her personal life after the intense media attention she received during her 1989 tour. As a result, she and Joe had decided to keep their private life private, opting only to share details about their relationship with their closest friends and family.

The Paparazzi Caught Them In Nashville On June 5, 2017

The paparazzi captured a glimpse of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn spending time together on a balcony in Nashville. According to reports, this was the first time that Alwyn was meeting Swift’s parents. The couple’s sighting sparked excitement among fans and the media, who eagerly awaited a glimpse into their private lives.

The New Single “Gorgeous” Is About Alwyn, Swift Tells Fans October 20, 2017

Taylor Swift hosted a private listening session for her then-upcoming album Album, Reputation, which was shrouded in secrecy. However, during the session, Swift allegedly revealed to fans that her new single “Gorgeous” was about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. One fan who attended the event took to Tumblr to share details, writing that Swift had made them all promise to confirm that the song was about Alwyn, should anyone ask.

The fan explained that Swift had not kept her relationship with Alwyn a secret from her closest friends and family and that her decision to open up about her romance through her music was deliberate. The revelation about the inspiration behind “Gorgeous” sparked excitement and curiosity among fans, who eagerly anticipated the Album’sAlbum’s release.

While Attending A Concert By Ed Sheeran, The Couple Was Spotted Snuggling

During the iHeartRadio’s Jingle Bell Ball in New York City, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were spotted engaging in public displays of affection, according to a fan’s tweet. The couple reportedly slow-danced to Ed Sheeran’s songs while holding each other close and exchanging kisses.

Cactus Photos Were Posted To Instagram On May 8, 2018

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn caused a stir among fans and media when they posted photos next to the same cactus. Despite the similar setting, Alwyn claimed that they had yet to coordinate the images and that it was a coincidence that they both happened to have taken pictures with the same cactus.

In September 2018, Joe Alwyn Explained Why He And Taylor Swift Keep Their Relationship Private

During a British Vogue interview, Joe Alwyn briefly touched on his relationship with Taylor Swift, only to reveal that he preferred not to discuss it publicly. The actor acknowledged a great deal of public interest in their relationship but emphasized that he and Swift had succeeded in keeping their romance private, which he valued.

In a subsequent interview with Total Film, Alwyn elaborated on his decision to keep his relationship with Swift out of the public eye. He explained that he did not want their personal lives scrutinized by people who did not know them and that their relationship was private and not for others to have.

At Joe Alwyn’s Movie Premiere On September 28, 2018, Taylor Swift Hold His Hand Bottom Of Form

After Joe Alwyn supported Taylor Swift on several summer tour dates, the singer returned the favor by attending the premiere of Alwyn’s film, The Favourite, at the New York Film Festival. While Swift did not walk the red carpet with Alwyn, she attended the screening, a significant moment for the super-private couple.

Following the screening, Swift and Alwyn were spotted holding hands as they left the afterparty together, a rare moment of public display of affection for the couple. The sighting of the couple holding hands had caused a stir among fans and the media, who were eagerly awaiting any potential developments in their relationship.

Taylor Swift Attended The Golden Globes With Joe Alwyn On January 6, 2019

Taylor Swift appeared surprised at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards to support her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, whose film “The Favourite” received five nominations. Although Swift chose not to walk the red carpet with Alwyn, she was seen slipping into the venue, which sparked excitement among fans and the media.

Later in the night, Swift presented the awards for best original score and best original song in a motion picture alongside Idris Elba. The sighting of Swift at the awards ceremony had caused a stir among fans, who had been eagerly awaiting any potential public appearances by the couple.

Taylor Swift Attended The Baftas With Joe Alwyn Instead Of The Grammys On February 10, 2019

In 2019, Taylor Swift chose not to attend the Grammys for the second year, instead opting to support her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, at the BAFTA Awards in London. Alwyn’s film “The Favourite” received seven awards at the ceremony, and Swift was seen supporting him from the audience.

Swift and Alwyn were spotted together at the BAFTA afterparty in London after the ceremony. The couple’s sighting caused a stir among fans and the media, who are eager for potential developments in their relationship.

The Two Went On Hiking Together In March 2019

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were spotted hiking through a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. The couple looked casual and fit, donning baseball caps and T-shirts for their outdoor adventure. Alwyn was also seen carrying a camera around his neck, suggesting they may have been taking pictures along the way.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Attended An Afterparty For Saturday Night Live On October 5, 2019

After appearing as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift attended the show’s afterparty in New York City with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. The couple was spotted holding hands as they made their way to the party at the Japanese restaurant Zuma, dressed in stylish attire and looking happy and in love.

New Year’s In The Maldives For Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn In 2020

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly spent New Year’s Eve together at a luxury resort in the Maldives. The couple was spotted in the audience of British singer Matthew Crane’s intimate performance, which he later revealed on social media.

Crane shared that he had the honor of singing for “the one and only” Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn on New Year’s Eve in the Maldives. The couple was reportedly amiable and kind to him during his performance, giving him a standing ovation and complimenting his voice.

A Documentary About Taylor Swift Featured Joe Alwyn In January 2020

Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, offered a rare glimpse into her relationship with Joe Alwyn. While Alwyn doesn’t feature heavily in the documentary, viewers were treated to some sweet moments between the couple, including them cuddling backstage at one of Swift’s concerts and the singer kissing her boyfriend’s hand during a car ride.

The documentary gave fans an intimate look at Swift’s life and career, including her relationships. The sightings of Swift and Alwyn together had caused excitement among fans, who had been eager for any updates about the couple’s relationship.

Taylor Swift Opened Up About Joe Alwyn’s Private Life In November 2020

In a candid conversation with Paul McCartney for the cover of Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift spoke about maintaining a “real life” with Joe Alwyn. The singer opened up about the challenges of falling in love with someone who has a “very grounded, normal way of living” and hasn’t been exposed to the kind of attention she faces.

Swift also shared that Alwyn “absolutely” understands and sympathizes with her life as a public figure, indicating that he supports her career and the attention that comes with it. In addition, the couple’s relationship had been subject to much speculation and curiosity from fans and the media, making any insights into their private lives all the more significant.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Won a Grammy Award For Folklore On March 14, 2021

At the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift won her third AlbumAlbum of the Year award for Folklore. The occasion also marked Joe Alwyn’s first Grammy win for his contributions to the AlbumAlbum.

Although Alwyn didn’t appear on stage with Swift to accept the award, she gave him a sweet shoutout in her speech. Swift thanked Alwyn for being the first person she plays every song she writes for and expressed how she had enjoyed writing songs with him during the quarantine period.

Joe Alwyn Denies Being Engaged To Taylor Swift On April 20, 2022

During an interview with WSJ. When asked about the rumors circulating that he and Taylor Swift are engaged, Joe Alwyn remained tight-lipped. Alwyn joked that he would have a lot of pound coins if he had been paid for every time he was told he was hired.

However, when asked directly about the engagement rumors, Alwyn responded that he wouldn’t reveal the truth, even if he had an answer. The actor’s response had only added to the intrigue surrounding the couple’s relationship, with fans and media outlets eagerly awaiting any developments or insights into their private lives.

Joe Alwyn And Taylor Swift Attended MTV Video Music Awards Afterparty On August 28, 2022

Fans recently spotted Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn exiting the Moxy Chelsea Hotel in New York City after attending a VMAS afterparty in the hotel’s fleur room. The couple was seen sprinting to their vehicle while Swift held tightly to Alwyn’s hand.

Swift and Alwyn had been notoriously private about their relationship, making any public sightings of the couple all the more significant. The sighting of the couple attending the afterparty had caused excitement among fans, who eagerly awaited any updates about their relationship.

On Her New Album Midnights, Taylor Swift Addressed Engagement Rumors

In the opening track of her latest Album, “Lavender Haze,” Taylor Swift seemingly addressed rumors about her relationship with Joe Alwyn. The singer suggested that she’s not engaged to her boyfriend, with lyrics that touch on the pressures put on her as a public figure to conform to traditional societal expectations.

Swift sings, “All they keep asking me is if I’m gonna be your bride/ the only kinda girl they see is a one night or a wife.” The songwriter’s words express her frustration with the persistent speculation about her personal life, particularly regarding her relationship with Alwyn.

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Split Up On April 8, 2023

After six years of dating, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly broke up. According to a source who spoke to PEOPLE, the couple ultimately ended their relationship due to “differences in their personalities.” The source explained that Swift and Alwyn had initially fallen in love in a “safe bubble” during the Reputation era, but the pandemic had brought new challenges to their relationship. Despite having much in common, the couple learned they were not the right fit for each other as they emerged from their pandemic bubble.

Additionally, Alwyn had reportedly struggled with the attention and fame of being in a high-profile relationship with Swift. Although the couple had discussed marriage in the past, it was recently that Swift realized she didn’t see a long-term future with Alwyn. Despite the breakup, sources have stated that the split was not dramatic, and the pair remain on friendly terms. The news of the division had come as Swift had been traveling the country for her sold-out Eras tour, at which Alwyn had not been spotted.

The news of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s amicable breakup in the spring of 2023 has disappointed many fans following their relationship closely. Despite their commitment to keeping their romance private, their love story had become a source of fascination for fans and the media.

While it is sad to see the couple part ways, it is essential to remember that they have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to their respective careers. Swift, one of the most successful musicians of our time, has continued to produce hit after hit, while Alwyn has established himself as a talented actor in his own right.

As they move forward, both Swift and Alwyn will continue to pursue their passions with the same determination and passion that has brought them success. While the end of their relationship may be disappointing, it is essential to wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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