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Larian Studios Baldur Gate 3 Patch 5 Release Date, Time And What to Expect?

Larian Studios Baldur Gate 3 Patch 5 Release Date

Baldur’s Gate 3, the much-anticipated game by Larian Studios, is on the cusp of receiving its fifth major update, Patch 5. The developers have been quite active in keeping the gaming community informed, teasing early details on November 27 and now confirming the substantial size of this forthcoming update. As the game evolves post its early access phase, these updates are crucial in enhancing the overall gaming experience. Patch 5 promises to continue this trend, bringing significant changes and improvements to the game.

Consistent Updates and Enhancements

Since its initial launch, Baldur’s Gate 3 has undergone a series of transformations, primarily through the release of hotfixes and four significant patches. These updates by Larian Studios demonstrate a commitment to refining the game and addressing player feedback. Patch 5 is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, aiming to elevate the gaming experience further.

Baldur’s Gate players have high hopes for Patch 5, given the game’s long history. Each update has brought with it bug fixes, gameplay enhancements and fresh content – keeping players engaged with Baldur’s Gate for longer. Based on previous updates’ patterns of release, Patch 5 may bring not only fixes for existing issues but also bring with it additional features and enhancements that keep people involved with Baldur’s Gate.

Patch Size and Preparation

Larian Studios has revealed that Patch 5 will be a substantial update, requiring a whopping 30 GB of storage space. This size indicates the scale of the changes and additions coming with the patch. Players have been advised to ensure they have at least 130 GB of free space available on their respective platforms to accommodate this update smoothly.

This preparation is crucial, as the size of the update hints at significant additions to the game. Whether it be new content, enhanced graphics, or a combination of numerous improvements, the large file size has certainly piqued the interest of the Baldur’s Gate 3 community. Players on both PC and PS5 are expected to require similar storage space, although information regarding the Xbox version is still pending, with more details anticipated at The Game Awards 2023.

Release Date Speculations

While the exact release date for Patch 5 has not been officially announced, Larian Studios hinted at a launch later in the week following their November 27 update. Speculations suggest that the patch could go live as early as December 1, allowing players to explore the new features over the upcoming weekend. Alternatively, December 3 is another potential release date, providing Larian Studios with an opportunity to address any immediate issues post-launch.

It’s important for players to refrain from drawing conclusions about the release date until an official announcement is made. Staying updated through Larian Studios’ official channels is the best way to receive accurate information regarding Patch 5. With the community eagerly awaiting the update, the developers are likely to provide timely and precise details about its release.


The anticipation for Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 is a testament to the game’s enduring popularity and Larian Studios’ commitment to providing a rich gaming experience. Patch 5’s large update size and strategic release planning make it a major milestone in Baldur’s Gate 3’s ongoing development. While players anticipate its official release, speculations and excitement exist in regards to all that await them with this latest installment of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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