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Faceless Love Episode 7 Release Date, Recap, Cast & Where To Watch?

Faceless Love Episode 7 Release Date, Recap, Cast & Where To Watch?

“Faceless Love,” a captivating Thai drama series, continues to enthrall audiences worldwide with its unique storyline. In the heart of this drama lies Vikij, a stoic CEO afflicted with prosopagnosia, rendering him unable to recognize faces. This condition drives the plot, creating intricate layers of drama, suspense, and romance. The show’s seventh episode, set for release on November 28, promises to delve deeper into the evolving relationship between Vikij and his assistant, Mirin. This article explores the anticipation surrounding the upcoming episode, providing insights and details to keep fans engaged.

Recap of Episode 6

The sixth episode of “Faceless Love” was a rollercoaster of emotions, marked by tense moments and unexpected twists. The episode opened with Vikij and Mirin anxiously awaiting a critical meeting with their investor, Big Noi, whose absence initially casts a shadow of uncertainty over their business plans. The tension escalates with the surprise arrival of Big Noi, turning the tables on their taunting colleagues, Tanya and Chanon.

This episode also highlighted the complexities of interpersonal relationships under unusual circumstances. For instance, a confrontation between Mirin and Tanya hinted at underlying tensions and potential conflicts. Additionally, the episode explored the dynamics between Chanon and Mirin, especially during a poignant conversation on the office terrace, which Vikij inadvertently interrupts.

The climax of the episode was both mysterious and alarming, as Mirin disappears during a visit to an amusement park, leaving Vikij and Chanon in a desperate search. This cliffhanger left audiences eagerly anticipating the next developments in this enthralling drama.

Release Date & Where to Watch

Eager fans can mark their calendars for November 28, 2023, as “Faceless Love” episode 7 is set to air at 2:00 PM (ICT). This episode will be available across various time zones, making it accessible to a global audience. Canadian audiences can watch this episode at 2:00 AM on Tuesday, November 28, while it can also be accessed at 7:00 AM GMT and 6:00 PM Australian Time that same day. Furthermore, those in Pacific Time zones will have access beginning 11:00 PM Monday 27 November 2017.

“Faceless Love” is produced and broadcasted by GMMTV and available on their official website and YouTube channel with new episodes being uploaded every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM Bangkok time (GMT+7). These platforms provide worldwide access, making the series readily available for international fans. Additionally, various YouTube channels specializing in Thai dramas ensure that episodes are uploaded shortly after their initial airing, keeping fans across the globe updated with the latest developments in the series.

Exploring the Complexities of Face Blindness

The seventh episode of “Faceless Love” delves deeper into the challenges faced by Vikij due to his condition of prosopagnosia, commonly known as face blindness. This rare neurological disorder significantly impacts his personal and professional life, influencing the narrative’s core dynamics. The portrayal of Vikij’s struggle offers viewers a unique window into the complexities of living with such a condition. The show skillfully weaves this theme into its storyline, exploring how Vikij’s inability to recognize faces affects his relationships, particularly with Mirin, his assistant.

This episode is expected to further explore how Vikij navigates the world differently due to his condition. Prosopagnosia in this series has been presented in an insightful and compassionate light, opening our eyes to an often misunderstood or unknown condition. Not only has the drama entertained audiences but it has also fostered greater understanding for people facing such conditions.

The Evolving Relationship Between Vikij and Mirin

A central theme of “Faceless Love” is the evolving relationship between Vikij and Mirin. From their initial professional interaction, the series gradually unveils the layers of their relationship, transcending the boundaries of employer and employee. Episode 7 is anticipated to further this exploration, delving into the emotional and psychological aspects of their connection.

The series has so far masterfully depicted the subtleties and complexities of their relationship, especially considering Vikij’s condition. The upcoming episode promises to continue this exploration, potentially leading to new developments and deeper understandings between the two characters. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see how their relationship will evolve and whether it will transcend the challenges posed by Vikij’s condition.

Anticipation and Fan Theories

The build-up to the release of episode 7 of “Faceless Love” has sparked numerous fan theories and speculations. The cliffhanger at the end of episode 6, with Mirin’s mysterious disappearance, has particularly fueled discussions and predictions among the show’s followers. Fans are eagerly theorizing about Mirin’s fate, the potential involvement of other characters, and the future trajectory of the storyline.

This anticipation highlights the show’s success in engaging its audience, creating a vibrant community of viewers who are deeply invested in the characters and their stories. The speculation and excitement surrounding the upcoming episode underscore the show’s impact and the strong connection it has forged with its audience.


As “Faceless Love” continues to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and complex characters, the anticipation for episode 7 reaches new heights. The series’ exploration of prosopagnosia, combined with the evolving relationship between Vikij and Mirin, offers a fresh and intriguing perspective on love and human connection. With its global availability and the eagerness of fans worldwide, the upcoming episode is poised to be another significant chapter in this compelling narrative. Tune in on November 28 to witness the latest developments in this extraordinary tale of unconventional romance and resilience in the face of adversity.

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