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Thanksgiving 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, What to Expect & Much More

Thanksgiving 2 Release Date

Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving”, with its blood-soaked violence and suspenseful plotline, has left an indelible mark in horror cinema. Not only has this cinematic endeavor gripped audiences’ attention but has also set up for an eagerly-awaited sequel. With the confirmation of “Thanksgiving 2,” fans are buzzing with excitement. This article delves into the upcoming sequel, exploring its potential release date, cast speculations, and the direction Roth might take with this new installment.

Confirmation of the Sequel

The news of “Thanksgiving 2” has electrified the horror film community. Following the commercial success of the original movie, which grossed $30 million worldwide on a modest budget of $15 million, the decision by Sony’s TriStar Pictures to greenlight a sequel seems like a strategic move. Eli Roth, known for his unique take on horror, is set to return as the director, promising to deliver another round of chilling thrills and spills. The anticipation for the sequel is high, as fans eagerly await to see how Roth will escalate the terror and suspense in this second installment.

Potential Release Date

Horror fans have long anticipated “Thanksgiving 2,” yet no official release date has yet been set; however, tentative plans call for its debut by 2025 – possibly coinciding with Thanksgiving day itself. This timing not only offers a thematic connection to the film’s title but also presents an opportunity for the movie to capitalize on the holiday season, potentially drawing in a larger audience seeking holiday-themed horror.

Cast and Plot Speculations

While specifics about the cast and plot of “Thanksgiving 2” remain under wraps, the return of the notorious John Carver killer has been teased. Fans and horror enthusiasts are speculating about the potential stars who could be joining the sequel, as well as the direction in which Roth and scriptwriter Jeff Rendell might take the story. The possibility of the killer seeking revenge adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, and the community is abuzz with theories and expectations. This sequel presents an opportunity for Roth to not only revisit familiar themes but also introduce new elements to surprise and terrify his audience.


“Thanksgiving 2” marks an historic milestone in horror cinema, promising to continue the gory legacy established by its predecessor. Eli Roth’s debut as director has raised expectations that Thanksgiving 2 can deliver both intense horror action and narrative suspense; fans eagerly anticipate more details as its release continues to remain shrouded in mystery – adding even further suspense for viewers waiting on its outcome in terms of shock value and shock value compared with its predecessor; one thing remains certain though – Thanksgiving 2 promises to become an iconic release within horror genre.

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