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Studio Passione’s Ishura Anime Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Much More

Studio Passione's Ishura Anime Release Date
Studio Passione's Ishura Anime Release Date

Studio Passione’s Ishura anime, based on the dark fantasy light novel by Keiso and illustrator Kureta, has garnered significant anticipation in the anime community. On December 3, 2023, its official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle revealed two new key visuals and announced its premiere date. Set to air in Japan on January 3, 2024, the anime adaptation is expected to be a riveting addition to the dark fantasy genre, with its intricate plot and rich character development.

Release Date and Broadcast Channels

The much-awaited Ishura anime is scheduled to premiere on January 3, 2024. It will be broadcast across 22 channels in Japan, including Tokyo MX, BS Nippon, KBS Tokyo, Sun TV, and others, ensuring widespread accessibility. This wide broadcast network is indicative of the high expectations and buzz surrounding the series, promising to be a significant event in the anime calendar of 2024.

Global Streaming Access

In a significant move, Disney+ has acquired exclusive worldwide streaming rights for Ishura anime. This means fans outside Japan can enjoy the series simultaneously with its Japanese release. Additionally, starting from January 10, 2024, the anime will also be available on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel and ABEMA, catering to a global audience and increasing its accessibility.

Key Visuals and Characters

The two key visuals released offer a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Ishura. They vividly portray the main characters, divided into two groups representing the New Principality of Lithia and the metropolitan side. These visuals not only showcase the characters but also hint at the impending conflict and the diverse narrative arcs, setting the stage for an epic tale.

Production and Creative Team

Studio Passione, known for its high-quality animation, is at the helm of producing the Ishura anime. With Takao Takahashi as the chief director and Yuki Ogawa directing, the series is in capable hands. Kenta Ihara is handling the script, ensuring a faithful and compelling adaptation of the source material. Additionally, SANZIGEN’s involvement in CG animation promises a visually stunning experience.

Theme Songs and Artists

Adding to the anime’s allure, the official website has announced the artists for the opening and ending themes. Sajo no Hana will perform the opening song “Falling into the Carnage,” while Konomi Suzuki will lend her voice to the ending theme “Hakka or White Flower.” These artists’ involvement suggests a soundtrack that will complement the anime’s dark and intense atmosphere.

Stellar Voice Cast

The voice cast of Ishura anime is a roster of renowned talents. Yuki Kaji, famous for his role as Eren Yaeger, leads as Sojiro, with Reina Ueda voicing Talon. The cast also includes Jun Fukuyama as Alus the Star Runner and Romi Park as Taren, among others. This star-studded lineup adds depth and charisma to the characters, enhancing the overall appeal of the series.

Plot Overview

Ishura anime is set to narrate a grand story in a world ruled by demigods, as described by Yen Press. The narrative promises to delve into themes of power, conflict, and survival in a fantastical setting, offering a rich tapestry of intrigue and adventure. The adaptation aims to capture the essence of the light novel series, bringing its vivid world and complex characters to life on screen.

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