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Sakamoto Days chapter 146 Release date, Time, Plot & Where to Read?

Sakamoto Days chapter 146 Release date

Manga enthusiasts eagerly await the release of “Sakamoto Days Chapter 146,” set to debut in Japan on Monday, December 4, 2023. This chapter continues the riveting saga of Yuto Suzuki’s acclaimed action manga, promising more twists and turns in its intricate storyline. Available at midnight JST, fans can access this latest installment on Viz Media’s official website, through Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, or via the Shonen Jump+ app. Following the dramatic events of the previous chapters, this new release is highly anticipated, especially with the future of Slur’s assassination plan against Asaki hanging in the balance.

The Climactic Build-Up in Chapter 145

Chapter 145 of “Sakamoto Days” delivered a series of revelations and intense moments, setting the stage for the much-anticipated Chapter 146. The narrative took an unexpected turn when a key character intervened to rescue Mafuyu, leading to a pivotal moment in the story. This rescue followed a deep dive into Mafuyu’s past, revealing the motivations behind his desire to join the Order – a major plot point that has intrigued readers since its introduction.

The previous chapter opened with a poignant reflection on Mafuyu’s childhood, dominated by his father’s insistence on training him and his brother Natsuki to become first-rate assassins, a path neither of them was keen on following. This backstory provided valuable insight into the characters’ motivations and set up the dramatic events that followed.

As the chapter progressed, readers witnessed the tension between Mafuyu’s family obligations and his personal aspirations. Natsuki’s determination to break free from the family legacy and pursue his passion as a weapons creator added layers to the story, highlighting the complex family dynamics at play. The revelation of his plan to escape using an invisibility suit he designed himself was a game-changer, adding an element of science fiction to the otherwise grounded narrative.

Meanwhile, Mafuyu found himself in a precarious situation, with the narrative taking a sudden turn as he faced imminent danger from Osaragi. The chapter reached its climax when Natsuki appeared, donning his full-body invisibility suit, and deployed a freezy-freezy bomb, a moment that left fans eagerly awaiting the next installment.

As we approach the release of Chapter 146, speculation is rife about the direction the story will take. Will Natsuki be able to extract Mafuyu successfully? What role will the Order members play in this unfolding drama? And most importantly, will Mafuyu reconsider his mission to assassinate Asaki? Asaki and Mafuyu’s potential alliance is tantalizingly close, especially given Mafuyu’s growing threat from his bomb implant. Toramaru may yet return, further adding suspenseful tension.

Chapter 146 of “Sakamoto Days” promises to be an epic chapter with its mix of action, suspense and character-driven drama. Fans should expect not only plot advancement but also greater insight into these complex characters and their world.

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