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Train Travel Tips for First Timers

Nowadays, we enjoy many different ways of getting from one place to the next. But the fact is, many of us develop the habit of using one form of transport to the exclusion of everything else. If you’re used to driving everywhere, the prospect of boarding a train might seem unnatural, and a little bit intimidating.

The fact is that rail travel has a lot to commend it. It’s fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

But if you’re not used to train travel, then there are a few things you might do to prepare yourself.

Book in advance

By booking your train tickets in advance, you’ll help to ensure that you’re ready to travel from the moment you reach the station. You won’t run the risk of the cabin filling up, and you might be able to avail yourself of a special discount or two.

Arrive early

If you’re not aboard the train when it departs, then you could face considerable stress and additional expense. To avoid this possibility, you might get there around thirty minutes before your train is due to leave. That way, you’ll have time to find the platform, which can be a concern in large and unfamiliar stations. By leaving extra time, you’ll allow for unpredictable delays, and you’ll avoid having to rush from one place to the next.

Bring snacks

You can buy snacks along the way, but your selection might be limited. It’s a good idea therefore to pack a few snacks of your choice – or homemade meals. A Tupperware box filled with homemade flapjacks is just the thing to get you through a long journey. Make sure that you have access to bottled water, too.

Pack light

If you’re travelling solo, you might find it difficult to drag a heavy suitcase along narrow aisles and up and down staircases. For this reason, it’s a good idea to restrict yourself to a single backpack. People do this when travelling for months on end, so the chances are good that you can do it for your trip!

Be comfy

When you’re spending hours on a single journey, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re comfortable. Go for breathable clothing and comfortable footwear. If you know that you’re going to be sleeping, then bring a blanket and a travel pillow. Just make sure that you’ve stashed valuables, like laptops, somewhere where they’re not going to be stolen while you’re asleep.

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