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Race For Glory Audi Vs. Lancia (2024) Release Date, Starcast, Plot & More

Race For Glory Audi Vs. Lancia (2024) Release Date
Race For Glory Audi Vs. Lancia (2024) Release Date

“Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia,” an anticipated film from Lionsgate, promises to be an incredible cinematic journey through one of automotive history’s most intense rivalries: Audi and Lancia competing fiercely in 1983 Rally World Championship. Set against this background, “Race for Glory” brings alive Audi and Lancia’s fierce competition on screen for viewers of all ages to enjoy. Directed by Stefano Mordini, this sports drama features an impressive cast including Riccardo Scamarcio, Volker Bruch, and Daniel Brühl. With a script co-written by Filippo Bologna, Stefano Mordini, and Scamarcio, the film is poised to offer a gripping narrative that captures the essence of this legendary rivalry.

Star-Studded Cast

“Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” boasts a stellar cast that brings the high-stakes world of rally racing to life. Riccardo Scamarcio, known for his dynamic performances, joins forces with the versatile Volker Bruch and the critically acclaimed Daniel Brühl. Their combined talent is set to deliver powerful portrayals of the drivers and key figures involved in the 1983 Rally World Championship. The casting choices reflect the film’s commitment to authenticity and dramatic intensity, promising to immerse audiences in an exhilarating cinematic experience.

Plot and Setting

The plot of “Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” revolves around the fierce competition between Audi and Lancia during the 1983 Rally World Championship. This period marked a significant era in rally racing, characterized by technological advancements and intense rivalries. The film aims to capture the spirit of this competition, highlighting the underdog story and the relentless pursuit of glory that defined the era. Set against the backdrop of various challenging racecourses, the film is expected to deliver not only an engaging narrative but also a visually stunning depiction of one of motorsport’s most exciting periods.

Cinematic Experience

Audiences can expect “Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” to be a high-octane cinematic experience. The official synopsis promises an engaging underdog story that places viewers squarely in the driver’s seat of rally racing, offering an exhilarating journey across its landscape. The film’s direction, script and cinematography aim at providing an immersive experience that not only tells an engaging tale but also showcases all its adrenaline-pumping action and strategic maneuvering characteristic of rally racing.

Release and Availability

“Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” is set to make its grand premiere in select theaters and will also be available on demand and digital platforms starting January 5, 2024. This release strategy ensures that the film reaches a wide audience, offering multiple viewing options for enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. The anticipation for this release is high, as fans of motorsport and cinema eagerly await to witness this iconic rivalry unfold on the big screen.


“Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” promises to be an exciting, must-see film for anyone interested in motorsport and its captivating stories. Boasting an excellent cast, captivating plot, and dynamic cinematic execution, “Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia” promises an immersive viewing experience that captures one of rally racing history’s great rivalries: Audi and Lancia in 1983 Rally World Championship competition. Due for release January 2024.

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