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Knives Out 3 Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & What to Expect?

Knives Out 3 Potential Release
Knives Out 3 Potential Release

Rian Johnson’s critically-acclaimed murder mystery series “Knives Out 3,” the much-awaited third installment, has generated much anticipation and speculation among fans following its incredible success with its previous two installments. Fans are eagerly awaiting details regarding release date, cast, plotline and release information for its third film installment – with its unique blend of suspense, comedy and star power cast, this franchise has revived classic whodunit films for contemporary audiences.

A Phenomenal Franchise

Rian Johnson’s debut in the murder mystery genre with “Knives Out” has been nothing short of spectacular. Not only did its premiere receive rave reviews but it grossed a whopping $312.9 million worldwide; such success lead Johnson to secure an impressive $450 million deal with Netflix for two sequels; “Glass Onion” premiered in 2022 and attracted top talent such as Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas, and Chris Evans which contributed greatly to its success.

Release Date Uncertainty

As of now, the release date for “Knives Out 3” remains uncertain. This highly anticipated threequel, concluding Johnson’s current Netflix deal, is in development with few details released. In January 2023, Johnson confirmed he had begun working on the third movie, aiming to create a unique story distinct from its predecessors. The suspense surrounding the release date only adds to the excitement and anticipation for the film.

Director’s Creative Drive

Rian Johnson is committed to ensuring that “Knives Out 3” is not just a repetition of the previous films. His creative ambition is to take the franchise in new directions, both tonally and thematically. Johnson’s drive to explore uncharted territory in the series promises a fresh and intriguing narrative for fans, diverging from the familiar patterns of the earlier movies.

Possible Release Date

Based on the release pattern of the earlier films, “Knives Out 3” is tentatively expected to premiere on Netflix in late 2025. However, given the overwhelming response to “Glass Onion,” Netflix might aim for an earlier release to capitalize on the franchise’s momentum.

Cast: Returning and New Faces

Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc is the only confirmed returning character for “Knives Out 3.” The introduction of Blanc’s husband, Philip, in “Glass Onion” suggests his potential return. The film’s ensemble cast approach, akin to Agatha Christie’s novels, means each installment features a new setting and a fresh cast, providing endless possibilities for new talent to join the franchise.

Plot Direction

Each “Knives Out” film presents a standalone story with Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc as the constant element. Johnson has hinted that the third installment will take place in America, making the narrative closer to home. Although plot details remain under wraps, expect an engaging and challenging mystery film true to its American roots. Chris Evans, a former cast member, speculated about a possible plot twist involving his character from the first film, adding an element of revenge to the story.


“Knives Out 3” remains shrouded in mystery, from its release date and cast and plot to speculation surrounding it. One thing is for certain – it will undoubtedly generate high levels of anticipation and excitement among fans of the franchise who can expect more clever storytelling, engaging performances and unexpected turns as seen throughout its previous installments. All speculation only adds more allure for an intriguing installment in its saga!

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