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Migi & Dali Episode 11 Release Date, Plot, Where To Watch & What We Know

Migi & Dali Episode 11 Release Date
Migi & Dali Episode 11 Release Date

Doctor Slump,” an award-winning anime series, continues to enthrall audiences with its special mix of humor and adventure. One of the most anticipated events within anime culture is when new episodes come out; Doctor Slump remains popular with both adults and children. This article delves into the specifics of the upcoming release of “Migi & Dali” episode 11, a pivotal part of the “Doctor Slump” series. Set to air on Monday, December 11, 2023, the episode promises intriguing developments and revelations, following the events that unfolded in the previous episode.

Anticipation for Episode 11

“Migi & Dali” episode 11 has garnered significant attention, scheduled for release on December 11 at 10 pm JST. The anticipation is not just confined to Japan; it extends globally, thanks to the anime’s widespread popularity. The episode will premiere on various Japanese TV networks like BS11, Sun TV, TOKYO MX, and AT-X, before being available for streaming worldwide. This international availability underscores the global appeal of “Doctor Slump,” connecting fans across different continents through a shared love for the series.

Global Release Times

The diverse fan base of “Doctor Slump” means that the release of “Migi & Dali” episode 11 will occur at different times around the world, catering to various time zones. From the Pacific Standard Time zone, where it will air at 5 am, to the Australian Central Standard Time zone with a release time of 10:30 pm, fans around the globe are eagerly waiting. This synchronization of release times illustrates the series’ global impact and the meticulous planning that goes into catering to its international audience.

Online Streaming and Accessibility

After its initial airing in Japan, “Migi & Dali” episode 11 will be available for online streaming, making it accessible to a global audience. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video in Japan and Crunchyroll internationally will stream the episode, ensuring fans everywhere can enjoy the latest developments in the series. This online availability is a testament to the evolving nature of media consumption, where geographical boundaries are increasingly becoming less of a barrier to content accessibility.

Recap of Episode 10

Episode 10, titled “Beavers vs Mother Ichijo,” laid the groundwork for the forthcoming events in episode 11. It showcased the strategic alliance between Migi, Dali, Akiyama, and Maruta, forming the group “Beavers.” Their intricate plan to infiltrate the Ichijou house and the unexpected cooperation from Reiko Ichijou in revealing information about Metry added depth to the storyline. This episode played a crucial role in setting up the narrative for the next chapter, leaving fans speculating about the possible revelations and twists.

Expectations from Episode 11

The upcoming episode is poised to build on the suspense and excitement generated by its predecessor. Viewers are looking forward to unraveling the mysteries surrounding Metry, the connection between Eiji and Migi & Dali, and the significance of their past. The episode is expected to be a blend of emotional storytelling and thrilling plot developments, characteristic of the “Doctor Slump” series.


In conclusion, “Migi & Dali” episode 11 of “Doctor Slump” is not just another release; it’s an event that brings together a diverse community of anime enthusiasts. This series continues to demonstrate its ability to connect and engage its viewers worldwide, transcending cultural and geographical borders. Fans worldwide anticipate its release; fans everywhere anticipate an episode which promises to add another exciting chapter of this beloved series.

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