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Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot & more

In the captivating journey of “Oshi No Ko,” Chapter 134 is set to take us deeper into the intricate world of Ruby and her endeavor to portray her mother onscreen. This chapter is poised to explore the emotional and professional hurdles Ruby faces, a task made more complex by her personal connection to the character she is set to portray. As she grapples with this challenging role, the upcoming chapter promises a blend of emotional depth and character development.

The Countdown to Release

Eager fans can mark their calendars for December 7, 2023, the official release date of Oshi No Ko Chapter 134. This much-anticipated chapter will be available exclusively on Manga Plus’s official pages, ensuring an authentic reading experience. As always, this section will be regularly updated with the latest information and insights to keep the readers engaged and informed.

A Glimpse into Chapter 134: The Struggle and Revelation

Leaked Japanese raw scans hint at the central theme of Chapter 134 – Ruby’s internal battle in mimicking her mother’s persona. This chapter delves into the aftermath of Kana Arima’s startling confession during the filming of ’15-Year Lie,’ a revelation that adds layers of complexity to Ruby’s performance. Kana’s admission of jealousy and her wish for Ruby’s disappearance from B-Komachi intensify Ruby’s emotional turmoil. The narrative arc follows Kana’s subsequent avoidance of Ruby, leaving their mutual friend Mem-Cho in a state of confusion about how to repair their strained relationship.

New Twists: Minami and Frill’s Entry

The chapter is further enriched by the return of characters Minami and Frill. Frill’s interpretation of Kana’s deep immersion in her role as Nino adds a new dimension to the storyline. Meanwhile, Ruby grapples with the belief that Kana’s animosity towards her is genuine. A significant moment unfolds in the dressing room where Ruby, reflecting on her mother’s emotions, perceives a vision of Ai Hoshino with two black star eyes, symbolizing a deeper understanding of her mother’s vulnerabilities and complexities.

Recapping Chapter 133: The Acting Challenge

Chapter 133, titled ‘Acting,’ laid the groundwork for the emotional upheavals in Chapter 134. Ruby’s struggle to convincingly play Ai in the film is compounded by Kana’s evolving feelings. Kana’s perception of Nino’s hatred transforming into an obsessive love for Ai adds pressure on both characters. The chapter portrays Ruby’s breakdown at Ichigo Production, encapsulating her fear of failure and its repercussions on Kana’s future. Kana’s confession of their one-sided friendship and accusation of Ruby overshadowing others in B-Komachi adds a layer of emotional manipulation, straining their friendship and complicating Ruby’s quest to authentically represent her mother’s tumultuous past.

Conclusion: The Journey Ahead

As we anticipate the release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 134, the narrative promises to unfold new dynamics and emotional depth. The chapter is expected to delve into the complex relationships and inner conflicts of its characters, further enriching the storyline. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as they become available, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of this evolving manga series.

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