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Pimento Transforming Creative Briefs into Visual Mood Boards with Generative AI

Pimento emerges as a trailblazing force in the creative industry, a French startup that ingeniously incorporates generative AI into the foundational stages of creative projects. Concentrating on ideation, brainstorming, and moodboarding, Pimento represents a paradigm shift in the way creative processes are initiated. Recently securing a substantial funding round of $3.2 million, Pimento is garnering attention for its novel approach, attracting a diverse pool of investors intrigued by its potential to transform the creative landscape.

Pimento’s Core Audience and Application

Pimento is primarily designed for creative teams engaged in various projects, ranging from brand redesigns and advertising campaigns to video game development and animated films. It serves as a pivotal tool from the inception of these projects, facilitating the research process. Users leverage Pimento to create comprehensive reference documents, incorporating images, text, and colors. These elements not only provide inspiration but also set the initial guidelines and direction for subsequent teams involved in the project.

Facilitating Dynamic Client-Team Collaboration

One of the critical phases in creative projects involves iterative communication between the creative teams and their clients or managers. This phase, characterized by evolving ideas and preferences, can be challenging due to the need for frequent adjustments and reiterations. Pimento addresses this challenge by enabling a more fluid, responsive approach to adapting to new feedback and directions, thereby enhancing the efficiency and creativity of the teams involved.

Pimento’s Role in Expanding Creative Horizons

In the current creative landscape, professionals often rely on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Behance, Canva, and Figma for inspiration and mood board creation. Pimento aims to transcend these tools by harnessing the power of AI. This technology allows users to explore a wider range of creative directions swiftly, thereby elevating the quality of the projects. Pimento’s AI models, trained on diverse datasets from regions like Japan and Latin America, provide a level of insight and inspiration beyond the scope of any individual designer.

The Impressive Backing Behind Pimento

Pimento’s recent funding success, spearheaded by Partech and Cygni Capital, is a testament to the market’s confidence in its innovative approach. The round saw participation from several notable angel investors, representing a broad spectrum of expertise from various industries. This diverse backing underscores the potential impact of Pimento in the creative sector and its ability to redefine traditional methodologies.

Utilizing Pimento: A User-Friendly Experience

Using Pimento is an intuitive process, beginning with entering a brief text description of the project’s goals. Users then add a selection of images to serve as the project’s foundation. Pimento’s AI models take these inputs and assist in generating relevant images, text, and colors. This user-centric design, coupled with the ability to save and share outputs, positions Pimento as a versatile and indispensable tool in the creative workflow.

Pimento’s Differentiator: Customized AI-Driven Outputs

What sets Pimento apart from other AI image-generating tools is its ability to tailor outputs specifically to the initial brief, acting as a creative companion throughout the project. Users can merge images, select colors, and iterate on text to achieve a level of customization and interaction that exceeds standard AI models. This feature enables a more personalized and dynamic creative process.

The Future Roadmap and Expansion of Pimento

Looking forward, Pimento plans to introduce additional features, including customizable boards for client and team presentations. The company’s use of advanced open-source models like Stable Diffusion and Llama, with plans to incorporate Mistral AI, indicates a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The recent funding is set to accelerate product development, promising an exciting future for Pimento and its users.


Pimento stands at the forefront of a new era in creative ideation and development. Its integration of generative AI into the initial stages of creative projects offers unprecedented possibilities for teams across various sectors. With its recent funding and an ambitious roadmap, Pimento is poised to become an essential tool in the creative industry, reshaping the way ideas are conceived and visualized.

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