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Mistakes Not to Make on a Camping Trip

Mistakes Not to Make on a Camping Trip

Whether you are ready to set out on a huge family camping trip or looking forward to getting away from everything at home and taking yourself off for a solo adventure, preparation is absolutely key.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of four key mistakes not to make on a camping trip.

     1. Not Storing Food Correctly

An unpleasant camping trip experience would include one or more members falling ill due to staphylococcus or salmonella infection; unfortunately this happens more than you might realize.

When it comes to keeping chicken, other forms of meat, perishable foods like milk and other dairy products fresh for longer, you need a cooler with an animal-proof lock or bear box (either personal or communal on your campsite).

Make sure that you bring enough food with you – it would be much wiser to come home with extra snacks rather than risk starvation while camping out in the wilderness!

      2. Not Testing Equipment at Home 

Worse than forgetting a key piece of camping equipment and instead having to borrow a certain implement or item after a friendly camping neighbor is having something serious happen while cooking due to faulty or broken equipment.

Too many people still make the mistake of assuming that the gear that worked last year will be fine again this year, so avoid being like them and replace all the batteries, charge anything electronic, and fully test all your cooking equipment outside in the garden before you leave. 

      3. Only Bringing One Flashlight

Many amateur campers grossly underestimate the need for plenty of different types of light and get lost in the dark with no real idea of where they are heading and especially if you are planning on camping off the beaten track, make sure you have three or more of the following:

  • Battery Operated String Lights
  • Propane Lanterns
  • LED Lanterns
  • Head Lamps
  • Flashlights
  • Gas Lanterns

Furthermore, make sure, when researching the various campgrounds near Lake George, NY, you ask about the emergency lighting and early hours lighting provisions around the washroom facilities and of course, in and around the various parks out of the site. 

      4. Arriving in the Dark 

Now, especially if your camping trip will only last several days, you and your partner may wish to leave as soon as you and work have wrapped on Friday evening.

However, arriving late or during the middle of the night could create more difficulties than it will save.

Instead, set an early alarm and start your trek as soon as the sun rises – this way, pitching and organizing your tent, setting everyone’s sleeping arrangements, and generally getting settled will all go much smoother and faster!


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