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Tommy Devito Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Cause Of Death & More

Tommy DeVito, an iconic American musician and actor, left an indelible mark on both music and entertainment industries. Retiring in 2020 with an estimated net worth of $20 Million at his death, DeVito rose from humble origins in Belleville, New Jersey, to becoming a core member of iconic doo-wop group “The Four Seasons”, through talent, perseverance and transformation – an impressive journey filled with talent, perseverance and transformation – until his untimely passing in 2020. This article details his life from birth through career beginnings to personal matters – to personal matters – until his passing away a year later on in 2020.

Early Life

Tommy DeVito was born Gaetano DeVito on June 19, 1928 to Italian immigrant parents in an active household of nine children. From an early age – at eight – DeVito began teaching himself the guitar using one of his brother’s instruments from their house. With such an early start into music came an equally remarkable career; performing in local taverns by 12 as an emerging talent as well as running into legal issues (resulting in multiple jail stints due to minor offenses ). Both paths led in parallel directions – DeVito would go down his unique path until one path was chosen – thus creating two vastly distinct paths.

DeVito’s decision to drop out of school after eighth grade marked an important turning point in his life, as it allowed him to fully pursue his passion for music by forming his own band and embarking on what would become an extraordinary musical journey. This period played an instrumental role in shaping both DeVito’s musical style as well as his determination and resilience when confronting obstacles head-on.

Career Beginnings

The 1950s saw the formation of the Variety Trio, a group initiated by DeVito, his brother Nick, and Hank Majewski. This period was characterized by constant evolution, both in terms of the group’s name and its members. The addition of Francis Castelluccio, later known as Frankie Valli, was a turning point, leading to the formation of the Variatones. Their signing with RCA Victor and subsequent renaming to the Four Lovers marked the beginning of a new era in DeVito’s career.

DeVito played an instrumental role in steering the Four Lovers through this transition period and setting them on their journey to future success. His tenacity and talent allowed them to achieve notable hits like “You’re the Apple of My Eye”, earning them an appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1956. DeVito proved instrumental as both performer and constant member; his leadership ensured continuity within an ever-evolving lineup, helping guide it toward greater achievements ahead.

Personal Life and Death

Tommy DeVito’s life post-the Four Seasons was as intriguing as his career. Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1970, he experienced a dramatic shift in fortune. His venture into the world of card dealing and subsequent financial struggles highlighted the unpredictable nature of life after fame. Cleaning houses for a living, DeVito’s later years were a stark contrast to his earlier success, showcasing the often unseen side of life as a former musician and celebrity.

DeVito’s personal life was marked by two marriages and three children. His passing in September 2020, due to complications from COVID-19, marked the end of an era. At 92, he left behind an indelible legacy that transcended music: one encompassing his struggles, triumphs and lasting mark on music – as well as beyond it.

Tommy DeVito’s life journey from being an ordinary New Jersey boy to one of the most celebrated groups of the 20th century is one filled with talent, perseverance and the pursuit of passions. His life serves as a testament to music’s potency as an expression of human expression while its profound effect can have on those around us.

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