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Who Is Barry Manilow Ex-Wife? Does Barry Manilow Have Children?

The life of Barry Manilow, renowned as a power ballad singer, has been as intriguing in his personal endeavors as it has been in his professional career. A key chapter in this multifaceted life story is his brief marriage to Susan Deixler, his high school sweetheart. Their short-lived union, subsequent annulment, and the separate paths their lives took thereafter, present a captivating narrative of love, ambition, and personal growth.

The Early Romance of Barry and Susan

Susan Deixler and Barry Manilow met as juniors in Eastern District High School in Brooklyn, New York. Soon enough they fell quickly in love – theirs being one of those romance stories where highs and lows quickly become hallmarks. But ultimately their romance survived all odds, flourishing rapidly while weathering teenage turmoil along the way. This early phase of their relationship laid the foundation for their eventual, albeit brief, journey as a married couple.

The couple’s decision to elope in 1964, when Susan was just 19, reflected both their deep affection and a youthful disregard for convention. This impulsive move to solidify their relationship at such a young age was seen by many, including their friends, as a rush into adult responsibilities and commitments. This period of their lives was a mix of romantic idealism and the harsh realities of life, setting the stage for the challenges that would soon unfold.

The Annulment and Its Aftermath

Barry Manilow announced to Susan his intentions of embarking upon an “exciting musical adventure.” This announcement marked a turning point in their marriage; Susan then asked Barry to leave their apartment, prompting her to file for annulment as an important means to address irreconcilable differences in aspirations and life paths between themselves and make space for change and move towards independence.

In his 1987 autobiography, Barry described Susan as “the perfect wife,” an acknowledgment that underlines the complex emotions and respect that still lingered. The couple’s childless union, while short, was a significant chapter in both their lives. Post-annulment, Susan moved on to build her own family, becoming the mother of two children, Pauline and Danny. In contrast, Barry did not have biological children but embraced the role of a stepfather in his later relationships.

Barry and Susan’s Divergent Paths

Susan and Barry took distinct paths after their annulment: Susan never remarried but instead focused on raising their two children as she forge her life independently of Barry; in contrast, Barry continued in public view, marrying Garry Kief in 2014 after decades together to celebrate not only personal happiness but also society-wide progress through legalizing same-sex marriage in the U.S.

Kirsten, Garry’s daughter from his previous marriage, soon became an integral part of Barry’s life as stepfather and grandparenthood for Kirsten brought joyous new discoveries along the way. Barry quickly accepted this role with relish! Kirsten recently adopted an infant girl bringing along new joys of grandparenthood; one filled with discoveries while watching children thrive and mature over time.
Susan, reflecting on the past with a sense of closure, expressed her well-wishes for Barry, indicating a mature resolution of any past grievances. This sentiment underscores the journey both individuals have taken, growing and evolving from their shared past into their separate futures.

Reflections on Love, Growth, and Moving On

The story of Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler is more than just a tale of young love and its dissolution. It is a narrative about growth, change, and the sometimes painful decisions that pave the way for future happiness. Barry’s path from a high school senior in love to a celebrated musician and family man speaks volumes about the unpredictable nature of life and love. Similarly, Susan’s journey from a teenage bride to a mother and a figure of resilience is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Their story, while unique in its details, echoes a universal truth about relationships and personal growth. It illustrates that while some love stories may not have the fairy-tale ending often hoped for, they can lead to new beginnings and opportunities for fulfillment. Barry and Susan’s experiences, both together and apart, offer insights into the complexities of love, ambition, and the courage it takes to pursue one’s own path.

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