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Our Dating Story Episode 11 Release Date, Plot, Where to Watch, And Everything We Know

As the eleventh episode of the captivating anime series “Our Dating Story” draws near, fans are brimming with anticipation. On December 15, 2023, “You Were Experienced, I Wasn’t: Our Parting Ways Story,” is set for release. This episode promises to delve deeper into the intricate relationships and emotional struggles faced by characters within this anime, which has amassed an enormous following over its initial run and can now be found across major Japanese television networks such as BS11, AT-X and TOKYO MX as well as international audiences via online streaming platforms.

Plot Developments Leading Up to Episode 11

Episode 11 arrives on the heels of a dramatic and revealing tenth episode. The previous installment, “You Were Experienced, I Was Not: Our Passing Each Other Story,” left viewers on the edge of their seats. The narrative intricately wove the lives of Luna, Ryuuto, Shuugo Sekiya, Nikoru, and others, creating a web of emotional complexities and unexpected revelations. Luna’s internal conflict over her relationship with Ryuuto and whether Maria might be a better match for him was a central focus, adding depth to the storyline.

The Interplay of Relationships

The evolving relationships among the characters form the heart of “Our Dating Story.” As the series progresses, viewers have witnessed the ups and downs of these connections, particularly between Luna and Ryuuto. Episode 10 saw a significant development with Shuugo and Nikoru rekindling their relationship, which could hint at future plotlines in episode 11. The dynamic between Ijichi and Akari, marked by Ijichi’s unrequited confession, adds another layer to the narrative, showcasing the complexities of young love and friendship.

Luna and Ryuuto’s Journey

The core of the show’s appeal lies in the evolving relationship between Luna and Ryuuto. Episode 11 is expected to explore this further, delving into Luna’s doubts about their relationship. This introspection and potential temporary separation will likely be a pivotal moment in the series, offering viewers a deeper look into their characters and the challenges they face in their relationship.

Global Availability and Viewing Options

“One of the key strengths of “Our Dating Story” is its accessibility to a global audience. Crunchyroll ensures that fans all over can keep up with the series as it airs live in Japan and shortly thereafter on international streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. Additionally, Muse Communications’ licensing agreement for Southeast Asia broadens the show’s reach, making it available on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel in selected regions. This wide availability speaks to the growing popularity of anime across diverse cultures and geographies.


As “Our Dating Story” continues to unravel its intricate narrative in Episode 11, the series solidifies its position in the hearts of anime enthusiasts. The emotional depth, relatable characters, and nuanced storytelling keep viewers engaged and invested in the unfolding drama. With its widespread availability and engaging plot, “Our Dating Story” is not just an anime series; it’s a global phenomenon that resonates with audiences far beyond its Japanese origins. As fans eagerly await the release of “You Were Experienced, I Was Not: Our Parting Ways Story,” the series promises to deliver yet another enthralling chapter in its ongoing saga.

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