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Is Lauren leaving the hills? Why did Lauren Conrad leave The Hills Show?

Lauren Conrad’s departure from “The Hills” in 2009 marked an important turn in her career and personal life. A major player on one of reality TV’s most-watched reality TV shows of its era, her departure was more than simply career-related; it marked an emotional healing process and journey. This article delves into Lauren Conrad’s reasons behind leaving “The Hills”, her post-‘Holls” life post-departure, her multifaceted career path including television personality, fashion designer, author etc.

Why Did Lauren Leave “The Hills”?

Lauren Conrad’s decision to leave “The Hills” was a move rooted in self-care and emotional well-being. In her 2020 podcast interview with co-star Whitney Port, Conrad revealed the toll that being part of the show took on her mental health. She emphasized that the environment created by the reality TV show had become unhealthy for her, prompting her need to distance herself from the toxicity she felt it was bringing into her life.

She chose to leave so as to prioritize her well-being over fame and attention that came with being on “The Hills.” In making such a brave choice, Conrad shed light on often overlooked mental health challenges associated with reality TV stars; her departure marked not just a career move but was part of her journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Is Lauren Leaving “The Hills”?

In 2009, Lauren Conrad announced her final departure from “The Hills,” a show that had been an integral part of her life for multiple seasons. This marked an important transition both personally and for fans of the series alike; her decision was confirmed through an intimate dialogue with Whitney Port where she explained the emotional motivations for her departure.

Her departure marked a pivotal point, signaling her desire to explore other paths beyond reality TV. It allowed her to focus on other personal and professional pursuits such as her family life, fashion line and non-profit work for The Little Market.

Who is Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad, born February 1 in Laguna Beach, California is an acclaimed multifaceted personality known for her work in television, fashion and writing. She first gained attention through reality shows “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and later “The Hills”, both chronicling her life and fashion career – becoming a household name during the early 2000s.

Apart from her reality TV fame, Conrad has made significant strides in the fashion industry with her line LC Lauren Conrad and her involvement in the fair trade online store The Little Market. Her literary contributions include nine books, showcasing her versatility and creativity. Conrad’s journey from reality TV star to a successful entrepreneur and author is a testament to her talent and work ethic.

Lauren Conrad’s Life After “The Hills”

Post-“The Hills,” Lauren Conrad’s career took diverse paths. She ventured into the fashion industry with her own line, LC Lauren Conrad, and co-founded The Little Market, an online store promoting fair trade goods. These entrepreneurial endeavors reflect her passion for fashion and her commitment to ethical business practices.

Conrad also discovered her talent for writing, penning nine books that have won her many fans. Her transformation from reality TV star to successful businesswoman and author shows how adaptable she can be in an ever-evolving entertainment landscape.


Lauren Conrad’s journey since leaving “The Hills” is a story of transformation and growth. Her decision to step away from the show was a bold move towards prioritizing her mental health and emotional well-being. Conrad’s post-“The Hills” life, marked by successful ventures in fashion, business, and writing, highlights her versatility and resilience. As she continues to evolve and inspire, her story serves as a powerful example of the importance of self-care and the pursuit of diverse passions.

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