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How to make Formula 1 more interesting?

How to make Formula 1 more interesting

Although Formula 1 ratings are slowly but steadily increasing, the coverage of the main racing championship is not as high as it used to be. There are several ways to regain the trust of the audience. And these theories are proposed by the fans themselves.

A large number of teams

Getting into Formula 1 today is not easy. And the problem is not only in the fabulous entry fees. Active teams do not want to invite competitors. By the way, safe online pokies Australia also recommend that players take seats at tables with fewer participants.

The logic of the heads of active teams is understandable. No one wants to divide the final prize money into several more parts. However, with the dominance of the top teams, it becomes boring to watch races.

The competition would increase many times over if the championship leaders gave the green light to three or four more teams. There are several advantages:

  • The battle for the top 10 would be fiercer. The value of each point will increase and this will slightly even out the gaps between the teams from the middle and the end of the peloton.
  • The leaders will have more difficulty. To get through 24 cars to the first place after a failed qualifying or a penalty is not so easy.
  • There will be more drivers in the championship. Many talents are forced to end their careers on the sidelines of Formula 1. There’s simply not enough room for drivers.
  • The heat of the battle would be maximized. The more cars, the more overtaking, and that makes for an exciting Grand Prix broadcast.

The battle in qualifying would have been a key highlight of the weekend. Maybe the leader would stay the same, but in the middle of the peloton, the names of the drivers would change more often.

Emphasis on old circuits

Only a few new Grands Prix manage to leave a mark on the fans’ memories. It is not only due to the love for classic tracks. It’s just that the new autodromes are similar to each other, don’t allow overtaking and look too safe.

The old races are gradually dropping out of the championship. The reason for this is a lack of money. Newcomers are ready to pay the starting fee without problems, but in Europe, there is not much money for such entertainment.

The old race tracks have several advantages:

  • Gravel zones. It is much easier to make a mistake on the difficult tracks of the past. The cost of a mistake will be high. Not all racers manage to get out of the gravel.
  • Interesting configurations. These tracks were not designed on a computer, but created by racers for racers. This expands the options for overtaking and allows you to experiment with strategy.
  • Associations with the past. As much as anything, the typical Formula 1 fan loves history. When a Grand Prix has a historical background, it becomes more interesting to follow the battles of drivers and teams.

Increasing the number of European rounds will be beneficial for the Formula 1 teams themselves. Traveling between European countries is much easier and cheaper than flying from one continent to another.

Cancellation of all penalties

Of course, you can’t do without judges and rules in motor racing. But fans are unanimous in the opinion that these conditions are unfair. A vivid example is the penalty for violating the boundaries of the track, when the offender does not receive any advantages, but still becomes the owner of a penalty of several penalty seconds.

It is necessary to control the aggression of drivers. But it is better to do it only in cases when the pilot deliberately crashes into the rival’s car. It should be accompanied by disqualification for one race. Otherwise, the rules are absurd and only harm the sport.

By the way, the same applies to the fuel and tyre limit for the race distance. Why not allow drivers to attack to the maximum? Such an approach would help strategists to fully reveal themselves. Today, the tactics of teams are mainly based on the choice of time for a pit stop.

Yes, the ability of the driver to save tyres deserves respect. But it is much more important when the pilot can squeeze the maximum out of the car.  In addition, it gives another chance for the outsiders to get ahead of the faster favorites, who may miscalculate their strategy.


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