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Who is KSI’s Girlfriend? Exploring British YouTuber’s Personal Life and Relationships

Social media star KSI whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji recently found himself at the center of a controversy when he used a racial slur in a Sidemen YouTube video. On Sunday, while appearing in a new video with his Sidemen co-stars, he made an obscene remark.

The video went viral on social media and since then, it has racked in millions of views. Many people have bashed the internet star for making use of the derogatory term in the video. Soon after, the British boxer issued an apology on Twitter. He wrote, “I wanna apologize for saying a racial slur in a recent Sidemen video.”

KSI further added, “There’s no excuse, no matter the circumstances, I shouldn’t have said it and I’m sorry. I’ve always said to my audience that they shouldn’t worship me or put me on a pedestal because I’m human.” He also told his fans that he will take a break from social media.

On the other hand, when we shed some light on the personal life of the rapper, he has been with his mystery girlfriend for the last three years. As of this moment, he has not revealed the identity of his girlfriend publicly. Read on to dive deep into the love life of KSI.

KSI has a mystery girlfriend

Yeah, you read that right. As per various media reports, KSI has been with his mystery girlfriend for the last 3 three years. Up until now, we know nothing about his girlfriend. It looks like he is trying to keep his personal life away from the flashing cameras. In his new Amazon Prime documentary titled KSI: In Real Life, which came out in January 2023, he disclosed that the couple split as he had no time for a relationship and thought he was “doing her a favor”.

Although, in the end, a card popped up on the screen which said, “after months of talking, JJ and his girlfriend are now back together.”  Then, videos of KSI and his girlfriend watching television and eating popcorn appeared, but neither her face nor her name was revealed at that time.

KSI’s dating history explored

Prior to dating his mystery girlfriend, KSI, the co-founder and member of the YouTube group the Sidemen dated a girl called Seana Cuthbert from 2012 to 2014. Back in the day, she was an internet personality and now she has around 145,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel Seanyyy, although, she has deleted all the videos from her YouTube channel and now she doesn’t upload any videos there.  The former couple parted ways in August 2014.

In a YouTube video shared on her channel, Cuthbert talked about her split from KSI and stated that the pair split because he didn’t have time for a relationship. Then, she said, “We were very young when we first met. I met JJ when I was 17, he lived in London, I lived in Newcastle so it was long distance. He was also really busy with his YouTube, he didn’t have time for a relationship and he wanted to go out and enjoy himself. I have moved on, he’s moved on.”

Soon after, JJ was romantically linked to a woman named Lois Sharpe. However, not much is known about her at the moment. The pair dated for a short time. In November 2017, Lois revealed that she and the YouTube star had called it quits on the social media platform Instagram. The reason behind their split is still unknown.

Then, the Prime energy drink co-owner was rumored to be dating YouTuber Nia Pickering. In a January 2021 video, she shared that the two of them never dated. In the YouTube video, she said, “My relationship with JJ is nothing more than friends. It never has been anything more than friends.”

It seems like KSI wants to keep his mystery girlfriend out of the public eye. Check this space for more updates from the world.

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