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Remembering longtime KTLA producer Warren Hohmann How KTLA Producer Warren Hohmann Died?

The media industry and colleagues at KTLA are collectively mourning the loss of Warren Hohmann, a revered weather and traffic producer who passed away at the age of 59. Hohmann began working at Los Angeles-based CW affiliate KTLA in 1991, marking a journey filled with professionalism, humor and undivided commitment to his craft. His departure leaves an empty spot not only within daily operations at the station but also among those who worked alongside him.

Who was Warren Hohmann?

Warren Hohmann was more than just a producer at KTLA; he was an integral component of its culture and identity. Since joining in 1991, Hohmann quickly established himself as an integral member of its team – overseeing weather and traffic departments for years on end. His colleagues recall him as a man who contributed significantly to both the operational ‘cake’ and the ‘frosting’ of daily broadcasts – the latter through his infectious humor and creativity.

His ability to blend professionalism with a unique brand of humor marked his tenure. He was not just the man behind the weather and traffic reports but also a creative force, often indulging in hilarious skits and segments that brought laughter and light-heartedness to the morning news. He had a knack for making the mundane magical, turning routine weather updates into moments of joy and entertainment.

Hohmann had an outsized influence at KTLA. Known for his kindness, thoughtfulness and ability to uplift those around him, Hohmann took pride in creating an environment conducive to creativity and camaraderie where everyone thrived.

What Happened to Warren Hohmann?

The news of Warren Hohmann’s passing was a shock to his colleagues and the broader KTLA community. His absence was profoundly felt, leading to heartfelt on-air tributes and reminiscences. Anchor Sam Rubin, visibly moved, paid homage to Hohmann, highlighting his invaluable contributions and the void his departure left.

Colleagues remembered the joy Hohmann brought to the workplace, particularly through his skits and playful antics. His ability to transform news segments into memorable moments was unmatched. One notable instance involved a skit reacting to Direct TV’s plan to launch a weather channel. Hohmann’s humorous portrayal in the weather department studio, including lighting a Direct TV sign on fire, was a testament to his creative spirit and ability to engage audiences.

Moreover, Hohmann’s impact was not limited to his on-air presence. His farewell message to Sam Rubin, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to step beyond his weather and traffic role, revealed his humility and appreciation for his time at KTLA. This message underscored his genuine passion for his work and the joy he found in making others laugh.

How Did Warren Hohmann Die?

The details surrounding Warren Hohmann’s death were not extensively publicized, focusing instead on celebrating his life and legacy. KTLA, respecting the privacy of his family and close ones, chose to highlight his contributions and the memories he left behind. The cause of his death remains a private matter, with the focus rightly placed on his professional achievements and the positive impact he had on those around him.


Warren Hohmann will leave an indelible mark at KTLA and in the hearts of his colleagues at KTLA. His unique blend of professionalism, humor, and warmth set him apart as not just a producer but an integral member of KTLA family. While grieving his death leaves an irreplaceable hole at KTLA staff levels and station management alike, his memories serve as lasting tributes to an impressive life lived full of joy, creativity, and genuine human connections. Rest in peace Warren Hohmann – you were an icon of broadcasting and an invaluable friend to many!

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