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Is Phil Robertson Dead or Alive? Explore His Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family & More

Phil Alexander Robertson was born April 24th 1946 in Vivian Louisiana and has become one of the most recognizable faces in American hunting circles, business entrepreneurship and reality TV. Perhaps best known as his character from “Duck Dynasty” and Outdoor Channel’s “Duck Commander”, his life has been marked with many experiences ranging from professional hunting and business ventures to television fame and personal revelations – this article explores these aspects in more detail along with his current status, family life and net worth.

Who is Phil Robertson?

Phil Robertson was an extraordinary talent and passion who was born into an impoverished Louisiana family. Without access to electricity or plumbing, his childhood was spent hunting and living off the land – experiences which would later form his character and foundation for future hunting and business endeavors. Phil went on to Louisiana Tech University’s football team before going on to receive his master’s in education degree which enabled him to teach.

Phil found his true calling in hunting. Ultimately he turned this passion into a profitable venture when he founded Duck Commander, a hunting gear store which became a multi-million dollar venture. Phil’s entrepreneurialism and deep hunting knowledge was further showcased on reality TV show Duck Dynasty as well as Outdoor Channel show Duck Commander.

Is Phil Robertson Still Alive?

Phil Robertson remains alive and influential within American culture and entertainment, despite any controversy that arises from his public statements in GQ magazine interviews or from being suspended from “Duck Dynasty.” Phil’s suspension from “Duck Dynasty”, lifted after nine days due to public outrage, showcased both his strong fan base as well as impact through TV appearances and business ventures.

Phil Robertson’s Daughter

Phil Robertson recently made headlines when he announced the existence of Phyllis Robertson, his long-lost daughter from an affair in the 1970s. At 45 years old at the time of her discovery and recognition by Phil, she discovered her biological link through a DNA test taken initially by her son. This development adds another chapter to their family story as it sheds light on details previously unknown to the public about Phil and Phyllis’ lives that previously went undiscussed.

Phil Robertson’s Net Worth

Phil Robertson’s estimated net worth of $10 Million stands as testament to his success as both a businessman and television personality. Duck Commander, a hunting gear company he established that became central to his financial success, is estimated at several million dollars. Furthermore, “Duck Dynasty”, an award-winning reality TV show which showcases both their business lives as well as personal lives attracted a broad audience and contributed immensely to Phil Robertson’s wealth.


Phil Robertson’s journey from poverty-stricken Louisiana to becoming one of America’s premier hunters, businesspeople, and reality TV stars is a remarkable one marked by resilience, passion, and transformation. His contributions to hunting culture via television show Duck Commander as well as entrepreneurial success with Duck Commander have cemented him firmly into American society’s collective memory; most recently his daughter Phyllis’ recent revelation has only added yet another layer to this fascinating tale. Phil Robertson remains an important part of American life today thanks to his contributions hunting community participation alongside business success with Duck Commander as well as popularizing hunting culture via TV show Duck Commander; all this adds up to make him a legend of American hunting culture that will endure long into American society.

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