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Savanah Soto And Boyfriend Matthew Guerra Missing Pregnant Teen And Boyfriend Found Dead In San Antonio

Savanah Nicole Soto, an 18-year-old pregnant teenager, and Matthew Guerra were discovered deceased after an exhaustive search in San Antonio. As confirmed by police, their bodies were discovered inside a vehicle found after extensive searching; this incident cast a somber shadow over their community and raised numerous questions as to their circumstances of disappearance and death. This article seeks to delve into these details of this heartrending event by exploring who these individuals were, what led to their disappearance, and subsequent investigation efforts.

Who Were Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra?

Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra, an 18-year-old expecting mother and her partner at the brink of parenthood were two young individuals on the verge of an important event: Soto had long been excited and prepared for motherhood; in preparation, the couple disappeared prior to her scheduled induction date for delivery, adding an element of urgency and concern about whereabouts.

Savanah Nicole Soto and her family had been eagerly anticipating their impending arrival; Gloria Cordova described their home as being “baby-ready.” Because Soto was so eagerly looking forward to giving birth, their disappearance seemed even more out-of-character and strange for those close to her.

What Happened to Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra?

Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra vanished under mysterious circumstances just prior to Soto being scheduled for induction of labor. The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a CLEAR Alert, signalling imminent danger or involuntary disappearance – this alert typically issued when there is an imminent and clear threat against an individual’s safety.

Family members were alarmed to discover Soto had not shown up for her scheduled delivery date or an essential medical appointment, both of which are uncharacteristic of someone as excited as her for having a baby. Soto and her partner, Daniel are presumed dead as of Friday afternoon and remain missing from view. This raised significant alarm among loved ones concerned for both women’s wellbeing.

How Did Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra Pass Away?

Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra’s bodies were discovered inside of a vehicle in San Antonio. Police Chief Bill McManus described their deaths as being extremely suspicious; circumstances remain unclear however it appears as though they had likely been present for three to four days before being discovered by law enforcement.

San Antonio Police Department continues its investigations of Soto and her brother’s deaths as the exact causes and events that led up to them are still unclear. Furthermore, no specifics regarding where their bodies were discovered or potential causes have yet been provided by law enforcement officials. Adding further mystery is Soto being pregnant at her death which awaits verification by medical examiner.

The Aftermath and Impact on the Family

The discovery of Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra’s bodies has left their families in profound shock, leaving many unanswered questions and grieving over a tragedy that struck especially close to home for Soto, as they had recently experienced another heartbreaking loss with Ethan Cordova’s 15-year-old son’s death.

Gloria Cordova, Soto’s mother, expressed deep anxiety and worry over her daughter’s disappearance and situation, speaking out in media interviews to express the anguish of motherhood while hoping desperately for her safe return. Gloria emphasized how this tragic event has only compounded their sorrow.


The tragic deaths of Savanah Nicole Soto and Matthew Guerra serve as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and unexpected turns, leaving a community and family reeling with grief over unanswered questions regarding their death and investigation of its circumstances – underscored by this tragic event which underscores the necessity of community support during times of loss or tragedy.

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