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Hell Camp Teen Nightmare OTT Release Date, Time, Where to Watch & More

Netflix’s release of “Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare” has opened an unsettling chapter from history, uncovering the realities of a teen therapy camp known as the Challenger Foundation and their controversial methods employed during their founding by Steve Cartisano in the late 80s until ultimately leading to its scrutiny due to tragic participant deaths like 16 year-old Jordana who tragically passed away under their supervision. Here we explore these details further as well as where viewers can watch it online.

The Challenger Foundation’s Controversial Methods

Steve Cartisano founded The Challenger Foundation as a wilderness therapy camp in Utah to reform troubled teens. Parents paid $16,000 hoping for behavioral changes in their children. Unfortunately, its methods were extreme: teens had to endure difficult hikes in adverse weather and strict rules such as strip searches and military haircuts before being subjected to an intensive regime.

While some participants and their families experienced positive results under Cartisano, calling him a “genius,” many others saw these practices as abusive. The documentary explores this dynamic between therapy and mistreatment within reformative programs.

Tragedy Strikes: The Death of Kirsten Chase

An important turning point in Challenger Foundation history was Kirsten Chase’s death at 16-years-old. Just three days into her program while hiking in extreme weather, Kirsten complained of headache, collapsed, and later succumbed to “exertional heat stroke”. Her death became the subject of legal and ethical investigations into its operations; leading to scrutiny on many levels including its safety and ethics.

Kirsten’s death not only brought the Challenger Foundation under legal fire but also opened up a wide discussion on wilderness therapy programs used for teenage patients. Her death brought to light potential risks associated with extreme behavioral correction methods used on teenagers.

The Downfall of Steve Cartisano and the Challenger Foundation

Steve Cartisano was the founder and leader of the Challenger Foundation and had served in special forces during his military service. While receiving some criticism since its conception, Cartisano and his methods remained steadfast supporters despite initial backlash. Following Kirsten Chase’s death however, Cartisano and Foundation faced charges of negligent homicide and child abuse; although these were eventually dropped in 1992 but civil suits resulted in Steve declaring bankruptcy and leaving many civil suits against his camp pending.

Cartisano attempted to establish a similar program in Hawaii but was banned from operating there. Unfortunately, his legacy ended prematurely on May 4, 2019 due to heart attack amidst battle with colon cancer.

Watching “Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare”

“Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare” premiered on Netflix on December 27, 2023 and provides an in-depth account of the Challenger Foundation and its operations, featuring interviews with former participants and their families as well as archive footage from camp.

The documentary provides viewers with an in-depth account of teenagers’ treatment at Challenger Foundation during their 63-day enrollment at camp, offering viewers an intimate view into wilderness therapy camps’ effects on young lives.


“Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare” is an eye-opening documentary that sheds light on the troubling practices at Challenger Foundation and their controversial methods for reforming troubled teens. Kirsten Chase’s experience and subsequent legal battles against Steve Cartisano provide evidence of such therapy programs’ inherent dangers; viewers can stream this documentary via Netflix as an eye-opener into this potentially life-altering reality. This tale serves as a cautionary tale highlighting how fine the line between discipline and mistreatment can become when applied in youth reformative practices – an eye opener about all that goes unmentioned within these practices!

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