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Theresa Cachuela Cause Of Death Revealed Hawaii Influencer Shot Dead By Husband

Hawaiian influencer Theresa Cachuela was tragically shot by her husband Jason Calchuela in an act of domestic violence that has received widespread coverage. This incident, which unfolded before their 11-year-old daughter, stands as an eyewitness account of domestic abuse’s consequences and should serve as a lesson. This article goes further into details surrounding this tragedy by detailing its events leading up to and aftermath.

The Tragic Incident

Theresa Cachuela, a 33-year-old influencer from Hawaii, met an abrupt and tragic end when her estranged husband Jason Calchuela shot and killed her on June 12 in Pearlridge Center parking lot near Honolulu near Honolulu. Even more tragic was this crime occurring before their 11-year-old daughter.

Jason Calchuela’s self-immolation shortly after shooting Theresa has left her community and Theresa’s followers shocked and grieving. It also raises serious concerns regarding domestic violence and how safety mechanisms for those vulnerable can respond effectively; particularly highlighted is this incident by its extreme consequences that result from domestic disputes, prompting calls for protective measures to take immediate effect.

Background and Restraining Order

Weeks prior to the tragic shooting, Theresa had filed for a temporary restraining order against Jason, which was reportedly granted. The petition, reviewed by PEOPLE, revealed disturbing details of Jason’s behavior. Theresa had accused him of threatening to kill himself in front of their children, once holding a knife to his neck.

Following this incident, there was a wellness check, but Jason’s alarming behavior continued. He allegedly visited Theresa’s home again, hiding in the garage. In response to these events, the couple had agreed to a one-year protection order, which included Jason surrendering his guns. However, these measures tragically failed to prevent the eventual outcome, highlighting the complexities and challenges in protecting individuals from domestic violence.

The Aftermath and Community Response

After Theresa’s death, her mother Lucita set up a GoFundMe page to cover funeral costs. On it is found a heartbreaking message from Lucita which details plans she shared with Theresa prior to being gunned down, while lamenting over her loss.

Lucita’s words, “She tried so hard to seek help but the justice system let her down,” are reflective of many in similar situations; efforts at protection often don’t lead to safety. Lucita’s comment about Theresa being “trying so hard but being let down” mirror this sentiment well and speak volumes to how her story touched so many; their collective reaction, including supporting a GoFundMe page for Theresa shows this impact as they mourn her tragically short life.


Theresa Cachuela’s death serves as an alarming reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence, underscoring the need for effective protective measures and support systems to assist those vulnerable. Her heartbreaking story serves as an impetus to address gaps in justice and social support systems – it serves as an unforgettable reminder that behind every case of domestic abuse are real people with families, hopes and dreams who can be irrevocably changed by acts of violence.

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