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Top Features to Have in a Food Delivery App

In the 21st century, when everything is going online, making our lives easier & faster, food delivery is no exception. Moreover, the success of different food delivery apps like Uber Eats is proof of that. It has also fueled the demand for more such apps.

If you are a business planning to hire a Food delivery app development company and build a delivery app that represents your business. Then, you need to integrate basic and advanced features to create remarkable user experience. In this blog, we will talk about the same.

Top Features to Have in a Food Delivery App

It is not wrong to say that features are the backbone of any app. So, there is no reason why anyone would miss out on them, right? Below, we are providing some of the features that are a must for your app and this will surely separate you in this competitive market.

  1. Easy and User-Friendly Registration

No one has the time to go through so many steps of registration, user always likes to register on apps that have quick and easy processes. You can offer them rapid sign-up through Gmail or phone numbers for fast onboarding of users on the app. Implementing such a feature will have a positive impact on your users and they will like to connect with you even more.

  1. Push Notifications

Another must-have feature on your food delivery app is to provide customers with the latest updates and keep them informed about their delivery. Apart from that, this feature is also necessary to convey deals, special offers, and other major things. After all, who doesn’t like discounts, as well as sending push notifications will also help you stand out from your competitors and keep your users in touch with you. Just one small suggestion, don’t try to overdo it.

  1. Reward Points and Discounts

Give them a reason as to why take your food delivery service by providing them discounts from time to time. It would cultivate customer loyalty towards your app and keep them engaged with your brand. Many big businesses also follow the same technique to win customers. For example- Starbucks also launched a reward program which became fast approaching 21 million members. it is a great feature that you should integrate with the assistance of a professional mobile app development company in London.

  1. Easy Payment Process

Payment processing is the last step of order processing; any inconvenience in this section can drive them away to your competitor’s app. To make sure they don’t turn their back on your app, you need to ensure that the payment process is pretty straightforward. Also, provide them with different payment options such as cards, cash-on-delivery, PayPal, and others. This will reduce abandoned transactions and make their experience more convenient.

  1. Real-time GPS Tracking

We don’t have to say, but still, we will remind you to integrate a GPS tracking feature of their food through the app. This will let them know when their order is confirmed, the food pick-up, and the driver’s location. Moreover, this should be in the driver panel too which will help them to locate the user’s location and deliver the food to their doorstep.  You can also send them a message to alert them about their order status.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. From where we go to what we eat, people nowadays like to post everything on the app. Social Media integration can help your users to upload their food items and share them with their followers, and friends. This way your app will become more visible among a vast audience and spread the word about your app’s services. 

  1. Order History

“That food I ordered from somewhere, but can’t remember the name. Let me check my order history.” This is how helpful order history is for the user. It lets them remember the taste of the food again by checking their order history with more details like payment. As a result, users reorder the same food from your app and interact with your app. To integrate such a feature, we will surely suggest you hire mobile app developers who are experienced.

  1. User Account Management

To provide users with more quality services, allow them to customize their profile, set their preferences, change locations, or edit their numbers. This way you will get insight into their requirement and tailor suggestions accordingly. As a result, they will have a positive interaction with your app. Also, to increase their engagement you can provide them personalized discounts and exclusive offers.

  1. Ratings and Reviews

With this feature, user can leave their ratings and share their experience. This way they can share their experience with a food dish or restaurant. Consequently, it can help other users to know about the food quality, service, and timing of a particular café. Such kind of feature promotes more transparency to users and helps them make informed decisions.  Moreover, this makes them feel heard and put their trust in your delivery services.

  1. Geofencing

Geofencing is a useful feature for both restaurants and users. One general issue that many users face is ‘’ cold food’’, through this feature they can get to know the distance and time taken by the delivery person to reach their location. This also helps businesses to check the movement of drivers, inform users about peak time, and let them know about their order status. Additionally, it allows eateries to target nearby users with their discounts and deals.


To build a successful food delivery app, we have provided must-have features that are of your use. By paying attention to them and considering them for your app, you can improve user engagement and drive growth for your app. With the expansion of the food delivery market, it is sure that the users have a keen interest in exploring new food delivery apps.

 As a result, you can fill in the gaps in the market and provide them with an intuitive & friendly app. But, to do all this, make sure to choose an experienced development partner, so that you don’t miss out on recent trends. A good company can provide you with a competitive edge and make your app future-proof. Give your idea a chance, who knows, it might make you the next food delivery giant in the market.

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