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Is Frank Thomas Dead or Alive? What Happened to Frank Thomas?

Baseball history often weaves legacies together, creating an intricate tapestry filled with tales, achievements, and sometimes miscommunication. Such was the case recently involving two significant baseball figures named Frank Thomas: one a former Phillies outfielder who passed away last January at age 93; and another White Sox icon and Hall-of-Famer still alive today – although confused at times by each other. This article delves into their lives and careers to clear up any misunderstanding while honoring both men for their contributions to baseball over time.

Is Frank Thomas Dead or Alive?

Fox News caused further confusion between two Frank Thomases after making a significant error in their “In Memoriam” segment for 2023, mistakenly including an image of White Sox legend Frank Thomas instead of late Phillies outfielder Frank Thomas. Not only was this mistake notable because it misidentified a living Hall-of-Famer as deceased but it also ignored an important career milestone from an otherwise overlooked former Phillie with whom Thomas has had significant interactions over time.

Frank Thomas’ career spanned from 1951 to 1966 and earned him three All-Star selections during eight years with the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as early franchise records with Mets expansion team and Phillies expansion franchises (where he had an altercation with Dick Allen that resulted in his release). Thomas died last January at 93.

Frank Thomas, who played for the White Sox from 1990 to 2005 and earned first ballot Hall of Fame recognition, was included incorrectly in this segment, prompting him to express his surprise and clarify it on social media. Given his extensive career achievements as well as continuing involvement in baseball as an Apple TV broadcaster, this error proved monumentally important.

Who Was Frank Thomas (Former Philadelphia Outfielder)?

Frank Thomas of the Philadelphia Phillies had an accomplished yet lesser-known baseball career; nevertheless it was memorable and noteworthy. One notable incident from this era included his confrontation with teammate Dick Allen that ultimately lead to his release from Philly.

Thomas was no stranger to controversy, yet his career statistics attest to his talent as a player. Over his 16-year career he amassed a batting average of.266, hit 286 homers, collected 962 RBIs and amassed 792 runs across 1,766 games over 1,765. Thomas made particularly notable contributions during his time with both Pittsburgh Pirates and original expansion New York Mets where he set numerous early franchise records.

Thomas last public appearance was at Mets Old Timer’s Day in August 2022, showing his longstanding loyalty and connection with their team and history. Thomas passed away in January 2023 and marked an end of an era for those who remember his playing style and its impactful impact on each team represented.

Frank Thomas (White Sox Legend) and His Response

Fox News’ miscommunication brought Frank Thomas, White Sox legend from 1990-2005, unexpected attention. Thomas quickly addressed Fox News’ mistake via social media and showcased both his surprise at their error as well as his continued engagement within baseball communities worldwide.

Thomas was recognized with an inaugural Hall of Fame induction, earning him statistical contributions that earned him recognition among peers in his sport. Since retiring from playing baseball he has transitioned into an esteemed broadcasting career – working first for Fox Sports from 2014-2023 before later joining Apple TV as an announcer.

His swift action to correct and criticize Fox News for this mix-up demonstrate his dedication to maintaining the history of baseball. As one of its leading figures, his words carry weight; therefore it was necessary for him to provide this correction to honor both his legacy and that of Frank Thomas who died so tragically.

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