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Joey Meyer Obituary And Cause Of Death What Happened To Former Depaul Basketball Coach?

College basketball mourns the passing of one of its most revered figures: Joey Meyer, former Head Coach for DePaul Men’s Basketball team who died aged 74 last Friday. Meyer marked an iconic era at DePaul basketball history when leading them to multiple victories and NCAA Tournament appearances during his time. In this piece we hope to honor his life while acknowledging what impactful impact his contribution had on both his players, colleagues, and broader basketball community.

Who Was Joey Meyer?

Joey Meyer was an icon in college basketball during his 24-year tenure at DePaul from 1984-1997 as head coach, leading them to seven NCAA Tournament appearances and 231 victories (second only behind his father Ray Meyer). His accomplishments as coach of DePaul basketball remain legendary even today.

Meyer had his basketball roots deeply planted at DePaul Academy and led them to both Catholic League and city titles in 1967 as a high school star player under his father’s coaching, ending up as the school’s fourth leading scorer and serving 11 seasons under him as assistant coach demonstrating an incessant commitment and passion for the program itself. Meyer took great pride in serving DePaul even beyond playing on its teams; serving 11 seasons under him as assistant coach under him was further testament of this dedication and loyalty he held toward it and its development.

Joey Meyer leaves DePaul a lasting legacy not just with victories but with values instilled into players he mentored and respect from peers. His contributions are immeasurable and his influence felt through teams he guided – evidenced in both success and spirit of teams that played under his guidance.

What Happened to Joey Meyer?

Joey Meyer died peacefully surrounded by family at age 74, ending an era for DePaul basketball and leaving many people feeling bereft and saddened at his passing. Meyer served not only as coach and mentor; he also stood as friend, confidante, and guide throughout his tenure in basketball circles.

Meyer was best-known for leading the 1986-87 Blue Demons to an astonishing 28-3 record and reaching the Sweet 16, earning at least one national coach of the year award along the way. Meyer’s ability to guide his team towards victory against intense competition proved both his expertise and strategic acumen.

Joey Meyer left an impactful legacy beyond basketball courts. Known for his integrity, character, and preferring not to bask in the limelight himself – preferring instead to focus on his team and their achievements – his death not only represents the loss of an extraordinary coach but is a profound loss in terms of an outstanding human being who had such an immense positive influence in so many lives he touched during his lifetime.

How Did Joey Meyer Die?

Joey Meyer died under mysterious circumstances that remain unclear to everyone involved, yet all have acknowledged and honored his positive legacy and impact on college basketball worldwide. DePaul community mourn his departure as they feel his loss deeply across basketball circles worldwide.

Joey Meyer made an impactful mark in basketball far beyond DePaul University; his professional services as a head coach in the NBA Developmental League and regional scout for Clippers included his passion and knowledge for this great sport. Joey continued influencing it by serving as radio analyst at Northwestern games; sharing his insight and experiences.

Remembering Joey Meyer

As we remember Joey Meyer, we honor a life dedicated to basketball and its development for young athletes. Meyer left an indelible mark at DePaul University through his coaching abilities as well as inspiring and leading young athletes through DePaul Basketball Club’s development programs. More than just an instructional coach, Joey embodied collegiate basketball by nurturing talent while instilling its spirit within players of all backgrounds and encouraging a love of game for generations of college players and fans.

Meyer will be greatly missed by everyone he touched; from former players and coaches, as well as fans. Meyer left an indelible mark on basketball through his integrity, dedication and passion; leaving indelible impressions in hearts and memories everywhere. His influence outlived wins and losses to become part of their everyday lives forevermore.

Joey Meyer Obituary

Joey Meyer was one of DePaul basketball’s cornerstone coaches from 1984 until 1997; during that period they reached great success thanks to Joey’s success, integrity, and commitment to basketball as an artform. Meyer will always be remembered fondly. ### Obituary We mourn Joey Meyer with great sadness upon hearing of his passing at age 74. Meyer left an incredible legacy behind of success, integrity and commitment that we owe him for.

Meyer had an immense effect on DePaul basketball, leading the team to seven NCAA Tournament appearances and 231 victories during his coaching tenure. Meyer shaped players lives while simultaneously having an impactful presence within basketball communities worldwide. Meyer displayed passion and commitment towards his players at every step of his coaching journey.

Joey Meyer will long be remembered not just for his athletic accomplishments on the court but for who he was as an individual off it as well. Meyer was known for his integrity and humility – qualities which will live on in our memories of those lucky enough to meet him during his basketball journey. His legacy lives on.

Joey Meyer will always be remembered fondly among family, friends, and basketball community for the remarkable life he lived and the profound effect he made – not only at DePaul basketball but across college basketball as a whole. Rest in peace Joey – you were an icon within college hoops!

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