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Hugh Jackman Undergoes Two Biopsies After Being Warned About Cancer

During a recent examination by his doctor, Hugh Jackman underwent two biopsies because he noticed a few changes on his body that might indicate the presence of Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Generally speaking, the condition is caused by overexposure to UV light from the sun, which is a type of skin cancer that is very common in Australia that is caused by the sun.

A Common Form Of Cancer May Be Afflicting Hugh Jackman

There has been another scare regarding Hugh Jackman’s skin cancer. As a result of his doctor’s observation that his skin had ‘little things’ that might turn out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma – the most common type of skin cancer, the 54-year-old Australian underwent two biopsies.

As part of the Wolverine movie series, the Wolverine star underwent six skin cancer surgeries on his face within two years in 2017. A biopsy was done on his face in 2021, revealing that there was a possibility that the worst that could happen was a BCC, but the results were inconclusive.

In a video posted to his social media accounts, Hugh shared the news with his fans, wearing a bandage over his nose and urging them to use sun protection.

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‘Hey, guys. So, I wanted you to hear it from me just in case someone sees me on the street or whatever,’ he began. I’ve just had two biopsies done. I just went to my doctor, Dr. Iron, who’s fantastic. So, I’ll find out in two or three days, and as soon as I know, I’ll tell you. To remind you, Basal Cell in skin cancers is the least dangerous.

In an interview with Hugh, he confessed that the sun spots on his skin he is getting cut off from now are the results of his time outside 25 years ago. In addition, he urged fans, especially those in the northern hemisphere, to ensure they are safe in the sun all summer long, significantly ahead of the summer season.

According to him, ‘Please wear sunscreen. It is just not worth it. No matter how much you want to tan, trust me, trust me, trust me. Put some sunscreen on. You’ll still have an incredible time out there, alright? Please be safe.’

What Is Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)?

In the top layer of the skin, basal cells are the most common type of cells. Each time a new layer of skin is formed, these cells shed. The growth of basal cells is abnormal and uncontrolled, which leads to basal cell carcinoma (BCC). According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, BCCs are the most common type of skin cancer because they grow slowly and are curable when caught and treated early.

The DNA of a basal cell controls the creation of new skin cells. As a result of UV radiation exposure, DNA can be damaged, resulting in uncontrolled basal cell growth. To protect yourself from the sun, wear sunscreen regardless of weather conditions.

Instructions are contained in DNA, which directs the actions of cells. DNA damage can result in mutations that cause basal cells to increase and multiply rapidly. In the form of a lesion, these abnormal cells can accumulate on the skin and form a cancerous tumor.

Cancers of the skin rarely spread beyond their original sites, say experts. The lesions, however, can become disfiguring over time. In addition, lesion growth can cause the skin, along with its tissues and bones, to be destroyed if left untreated.

Who Is Hugh Jackman?

A talented actor and producer, Hugh Michael Jackman have a successful film, musical theatre, and television career. As a result of his early career in cinema and television, his role as Curly gained him recognition outside Australia, but he rose to fame playing Wolverine in the blockbuster hit X-Men, which he reprised in sequels such as X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine throughout his career.

He earned critical acclaim for his performances in Kate & Leopold, a romantic comedy, and Swordfish, a thriller about a computer hacker. Australia is a romantic epic directed by Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman. He previously starred in Christopher Nolan’s, The Prestige, an epic directed by Darren Aronofsky called, The Fountain.

Jackman, who has performed on stage for years, was an ideal host for the Tony Awards and Academy Awards and the long-anticipated Les Misérables adaptation. The 81st Academy Awards and the Tony Awards were two of the three times presenting the awards, for which he won an Emmy Award. The Emmy is one of three awards he has succeeded in addition to two Tonies and a Golden Globe.

Despite his cancerous lesions, Jackman’s appearance has not been affected by prompt treatment and regular checkups. To prevent the recurrence of his skin cancer, the actor constantly checks his skin and visits his dermatologist for tests. You should see your dermatologist if your skin does anything new, changes, or unusual. It would be better to have a trial before taking any risks. Do you have any experience with it? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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