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Michael Griffin Death 20-Year-Old Michael Griffin Died In Shootout With Police

On New Year’s Day in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, an extraordinary series of events unfolded involving high-speed chases, gunfire and ultimately, a fatal confrontation between Michael Griffin from Cedar Rapids and police officers resulting in his fatal shootout with them and culminating with his tragic demise. This article delves further into this incident detailing its events as they unfolded as well as those involved as well as ongoing investigations being undertaken into this tragic story.

What Sparked the Confrontation?

At approximately 6:24 a.m. Monday morning, witnesses reported seeing shots fired from a dark sedan into Longwood Drive NE home owned by Michael Griffin — after visiting their occupants with an AR-15 style rifle brandished and demanding information on an individual referred to by street name; gunfire then broke out upon leaving their residence causing extensive damage to Longwood Drive NE home and damage caused to property nearby.

As soon as this initial confrontation started, events quickly escalated. Cedar Rapids Police responding to witness accounts of drive-by shooting encountered a car matching up with witness descriptions – one with its license plate covered by an opaque bag to avoid identification; upon attempts by officers to pull it over it accelerated away, leading to a high speed pursuit chase through Cedar Rapids streets and neighborhoods.

How Did the Chase Unfold?

Cedar Rapids Police’s pursuit of Griffin was marked by high speeds and increasing danger, with police chasing his dark sedan which Griffin drove, who increased speeds up to 75 mph to try evade capture. As part of their pursuit one passenger exited their vehicle only for them to be arrested by authorities – leaving Griffin alone inside to continue trying desperately to escape them.

Situation became volatile after Griffin began firing an AR-15 rifle through his car window at police, prompting them to respond by engaging in a dangerous and volatile chase, eventually culminating in a PIT maneuver on Mount Vernon Road SE that disabled Griffin’s vehicle and rendered Griffin incapacitated.

What Happened During the Shootout?

At the conclusion of their chase, Griffin was killed during an intense and fatal shootout between officers and him. Once Griffin’s vehicle had been disabled, officers approached it when they heard gunfire coming from inside it; believing Griffin to still be firing weapons towards them, officers returned fire as what they saw as necessary response against potential threat from within his car.

Griffin was found deceased inside his vehicle following an exchange of gunfire involving five officers; according to their warrant request, five rounds were fired during this encounter, though exactly which ones struck Griffin is unknown at this time. An autopsy was then performed while final results from Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office are still forthcoming.

What Are the Ongoing Investigations?

This incident has resulted in multiple investigations: Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is reviewing an officer-involved shooting, while Cedar Rapids Police Department are probing an initial drive-by shooting. As is typical in such incidents, DCI officials will take part in any review, with those officers who fired their weapons being placed on administrative leave pending investigation outcomes.

These parallel investigations seek to provide a full accounting of what transpired on that tragic morning, including answering key questions related to what preceded and resulted in the shooting, decision-making during chase and shootout, handling by responding officers as well as any future actions necessary. Members of the community eagerly anticipate these results that are sure to shed new light on a tragedy which has raised numerous concerns as well as prompt discussions regarding police responses and public safety.

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