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Decoding the Curry and Cyanide Murders, Jolly Joseph’s Victims in the Netflix Documentary

Koodathayi in Kerala became the scene of a shocking tale of murder and deceit centered on Jolly Joseph. Now featured as part of Netflix true-crime documentary Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case,” this account shows six cold blooded murders perpetrated with calculated precision that makes this true crime tale as chilling as it is fascinating. Directed by Christo Tomy’s documentary delves deep into Jolly Joseph’s complex web of lies and manipulation that left behind innocent victims behind him as it unfurled before finally leaving him dead himself behind – along with himself!

Victims of Jolly Joseph’s Murder Spree

Jolly Joseph’s horrific crimes left six individuals dead; each caught unaware in her web of deceit. Her attacks were brutal and premeditated – which made the impactful message she sent even more shocking.

  • Annamma Thomas (2002): Jolly began her violent killing spree by murdering his own mother-in-law Annamma Thomas with an intentional injection of cyanide poison into Annamma’s mutton soup in 2002, marking the beginning of an extended campaign aimed at seizing control over family assets.
  • Roy Thomas (2011): Roy Thomas became Jolly’s second victim when in 2011 she poisoned him with cyanide to get him out of her path and facilitate future plans and her subsequent marriage to Shaju Zachariah. Jolly did it all under cover of being his loving wife; so much for love being blind, even for Jolly herself!
  • Cili and Alphine (2014): Jolly perpetrated an elaborate double homicide when she poisoned Cili Zachariah (Shaju’s former wife) and Alphine with cyanide to rid themselves of any remnants from Shaju Zachariah’s previous life and facilitate Jolly’s plans of creating a new family dynamic for Shaju Zachariah.
  • Mathew Manchadiyil (2014): Mathew was Annamma Thomas’ brother. After becoming increasingly insistent upon investigating Roy Thomas’ death in 2014, Jolly saw Mathew as an existential threat and silenced him with cyanide to keep her past killings hidden away from public scrutiny.
  • Tom Thomas (2016): Jolly continued her murderous spree by poisoning Tom’s medication to further consolidate her grip over Tom Thomas and its assets, eliminating another possible challenger to her diabolical plans.
  • Annamma (2016): Jolly struck again, this time against Roy Thomas’ second wife Annamma using poison. By eliminating Annamma via this familiar method she gained total control of Roy Thomas and their assets and wealth.

These 14 years-long murders display a disturbing pattern of calculated killing. Every victim was selected as part of Jolly Joseph’s plan for familial and financial control – making this spree among one of the most chilling in recent history.

Curry and Cyanide on Netflix

Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case” on Netflix provides an in-depth examination into Jolly Joseph and her crimes, unfurling each layer as it unravels them. Not just focused on murders themselves, the docuseries also examines her motivations as well as the meticulous facade she maintained while investigating their impact on victims, family, community members – making for an interesting portrait of an apparently “normal” individual harboring dangerous secrets.

The documentary offers captivating storytelling that delves deep into its subject matter, unravelling all the intricacies of this case and subsequent investigation. Furthermore, it sheds light on why Jolly Joseph managed to carry out her cruel acts without suspicion for so long; her crimes create an intricate web of trust, betrayal and cold-blooded murder that spans generations of time and space.

“Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case” serves as a powerful reminder of human deceit, showing viewers just how devastating one person’s actions can have on an entire family and community. Jolly Joseph and her victims will remain haunting figures long after credits roll, serving as an eye-opener regarding facades people present and possible hidden truths beneath.

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