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Mike Sadler Obituary And Cause Of Death What Happened To Last Member Of Wartime SAS ‘Originals’ Major Mike Sadler?

Mike Sadler Obituary And Cause Of Death

Major Mike Sadler was one of the last living members of World War II SAS who earned decorations. Known as an outstanding and courageous soldier throughout his remarkable life – from battlegrounds in World War II all the way down to Antarctica – Sadler left behind an extraordinary legacy, from bravery, resilience and major contributions in military history. Sadler served MI6 before earning the Military Cross. His legacy will live on as it did from all these battlefronts to Antarctica itself.

Who was Major Mike Sadler?

Major Mike Sadler stands as an iconic figure in military history. Hailing from Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Sadler experienced early signs of his unconventional spirit when defying an order about footwear led him out of school in 1937 to work on farms before joining Rhodesian Army artillery units during World War II and defying orders with respect to footwear defiance, among many other acts that defined him. Among many achievements in Sadler’s lifetime are being demoted because he defied orders as early as that same year and becoming commander over many others during that conflict!

Sadler found his way to the Long Range Desert Group where his navigation skills quickly made an impressionful mark. Soon thereafter he played an integral part in operations not just within this unit, but also for David Stirling’s Special Air Service (SAS), founded later. Sadler distinguished himself through many daring raids and intelligence missions across Nazi-occupied France–such as Operation Houndsworth–during his military career.

What Happened to Major Mike Sadler?

Major Sadler is legendary. His exploits during wartime include leading pivotal SAS operations such as the successful raid on Wadi Tamet airfield and daring night attack at Sidi Haneish airfield – testaments to both his extraordinary skills and courage under often testing conditions. Specifically, navigation skills were integral in both operations involving him.

However, Major Sadler wasn’t defined solely by his combat roles during World War II; postwar, his adventurous spirit led him into Antarctica with Falkland Islands dependency’s survey team where his contributions earned him the Polar Medal. Subsequently he worked at both American Embassy in London before eventually being recruited into MI6; an entire chapter in his life which remains shrouded in secrecy today.

How Did Major Mike Sadler Die?

Major Mike Sadler died peacefully at age 103 in an assisted living home after living a remarkable and inspiring life that chronicled some of the 20th century’s most turbulent events with unparalleled courage, sense of duty, and indomitable spirit. Unfortunately no cause was given for his passing but at 103 he lived a full and meaningful existence filled with service to others, adventure, and an indomitable spirit that will always remain with us all.

Remembering Major Mike Sadler

Major Sadler stands as a testament to a generation who overcame immense challenges with courage and resilience. From serving with the SAS during World War II and his subsequent adventures to sharing his inspiring tales of bravery, skill, and resolve he continues to remind us all of those who made sacrifices in pursuit of freedom.

His participation in critical wartime operations, his ability to survive against all odds and lead and innovate even under extreme conditions are aspects of Major Sadler’s life that will always remain memorable. More than simply an ordinary soldier, Major Sadler represented an entire generation who faced humanity at its worst yet emerged with their spirit unbroken.

Legacy of Major Mike Sadler

Mike Sadler was an inspiration. Representing one of the last remaining wartime SAS “originals”, his actions during World War Two had an incalculably profound effect upon events as well as shaping special forces operations around the globe. His legacy lives on today – as an authoritarian leader who changed history.

Major Sadler was not just known for military valor; rather he demonstrated an admirable blend of exploration, intelligence, and adaptability that is rarely found today. From Africa’s deserts to Antarctica’s frozen expanses – his life journeyed across some of 20th Century’s key moments; making an impressionful witness and role model through resilience, ingenuity and dedication to service.


Major Mike Sadler’s death marks an end of an era. Throughout his long and distinguished life – which spans nearly 100 years – Major Sadler was central to some of history’s defining moments, from serving in Rhodesian Army regiments through SAS service and finally MI6 work he distinguished himself through exceptional duty and courage. His legacy will live on to inspire future generations while serving as an embodiment of humanity’s remarkable capabilities and resilience.

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