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Who Is David Soul Wife Helen Snell? Does David Soul Have Children?

David Soul was an esteemed actor and singer best known for his iconic role on “Starsky and Hutch.” On January 4, 2024 – at 80 years of age – his death was confirmed by Helen Snell who remembered him fondly as husband, father, grandfather, brother. This article explores David Soul’s life and legacy through exploring his career path, personal life experiences as well as lasting effects he left upon those he touched personally as well as an extensive fan base.

Who Was David Soul?

Born August 28, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois, David Soul made his acting debut with “Flipper” television series as Dennis Blake on August 28 1967 – marking the beginning of a significant journey through entertainment industry roles such as Joshua Bolt in “Here Comes the Brides,” but most notably as Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson from 1975 – 1979 in “Starsky & Hutch”. This latter performance brought fame for Soul as it catapulted him from relative obscurity into famed status among Hollywood actors in general as his career blossomed further with roles on several television series such as this series alone as well.

Soul made his iconic Hutch character unforgettable for viewers of “Starsky and Hutch,” becoming a cultural phenomenon at its time. Soul reprised this role for its 2004 movie remake alongside Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller; beyond “Starsky and Hutch”, Soul appeared in several other roles before finalising his acting career with 2013 film Filth.

Soul was well known for his vibrant personality offscreen as highlighted by Helen Snell in a moving statement of lamenting his passing as an extraordinary actor, singer, storyteller, and creative artist whose passing left behind an abundance of unforgettable performances and artistic expression. His passing will surely be missed by many but will leave behind an inspiring legacy and life rich with artistic expression for future generations to experience.

Who Is David Soul’s Wife Helen Snell?

Helen Snell was an integral figure in David Soul’s later years. They first met while both performing in “Deathtrap”, where Helen worked in public relations. Later she earned both English and History of Art degrees at Leeds before going into marketing and eventually founding her own firm in 2002.

Soul recently spoke highly of Snell in an op-ed piece on his website and credited her as being responsible for his decision to seek British citizenship. Their relationship progressed from professional acquaintance to intimate one; although not love at first sight per se as Soul noted humorously, their bond eventually blossomed over time leading up to their wedding on June 26, 2010.

Snell’s influence over Soul was profound, evidenced in his heartfelt tribute. Their marriage exemplified their deep connection and mutual adoration for one another; making Snell an integral component of her life and legacy.

Has David Soul Been Married Before?

David Soul had been previously married four times prior to marrying Helen Snell in 1978, starting off his unions with Mirriam Russeth for just one year in 1964 and actress Karen Carlson later that same year; their union would end after nearly 10 years due to different opinions between them and it officially ended when both decided against divorce in 1977.

Soul was married three times: first to Patti Carnel Sherman from 1980 until their divorce in 1986 and, two years later, actress Julia Nickson whom he wed for six years until it ended in 1993.

Though each marriage ended in divorce, these relationships played a vital role in Soul’s journey toward union with Helen Snell. Each added another chapter to Soul’s personal and professional growth.

Does David Soul Have Children?

David Soul was blessed to raise six children from two marriages he undertook – five sons and one daughter – bringing each unique characteristics into their family lives and enriching him as much as professional ones could.

China Soul followed in her father’s footsteps into music by writing and recording her debut album Secrets & Words in 2010, continuing his artistic legacy and showing off her skills as an songwriter/artist herself.

Soul was not only the father to six children but was also grandfather to seven grandchilden, enriching his experiences while leaving behind an everlasting legacy beyond professional achievements.

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