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Saltburn Bathtub Scene Explained What Happens In The Bathtub Scene In Saltburn?

“Saltburn,” the black comedy psychological drama directed by Emerald Fennell and released earlier this year, has caused great excitement since its premiere. Noted for its slow-burn narrative and stunning visuals, “Saltburn” explores dark themes such as desire, wealth and obsession as Oliver Quick (an Oxford student) finds his life being drastically transformed after visiting an estate of one of his friends. This article delves deeper into “Saltburn,” exploring its most shocking scenes and their significance within its narrative arc.

What Drives Oliver Quick’s Obsession?

Barry Keoghan brilliantly portrays Oliver Quick as an intricate individual whose actions are driven by strong obsession and desire. One of the movie’s most striking scenes features Oliver drinking bathwater from Felix’s tub; although seemingly outrageous at first, this act reveals Oliver’s deep longing and infatuation for him; Felix represents everything Oliver hopes for but can never reach.

This segment will examine Oliver’s behavior from an emotional and psychological viewpoint, investigating his actions as manifestations of unrequited love for Felix and obsession. We will delve deeper into his character arc to discern whether they correspond with Oliver’s emotional state throughout the film.

How Does Grief Manifest in Oliver’s Actions?

A dark scene occurs where Oliver engages in an act that shocks viewers by showing his grief and obsession for Felix, symbolizing Oliver’s inability to cope with loss as well as deep-seated emotional turmoil. This scene represents Oliver’s incapability of processing grief in any meaningful manner and signifies Oliver’s failure at dealing with loss as an emotionally charged experience.

In this section, the focus will be on exploring Oliver’s inner conflict as it manifests in extreme behavior that serves as an insight into his tortured soul; particularly this moment at Oliver’s grave encapsulating this intense emotional struggle.

Are Shocking Scenes Essential to “Saltburn”?

“Saltburn” features numerous controversial scenes, but their inclusion is more than for shock value alone. Oliver Quick’s bathtub and grave scenes in particular help viewers better comprehend his character; these moments reveal his true nature as opposed to any facade that may exist before others.

This section of the article will demonstrate why these controversial scenes in Oliver is necessary and useful to understanding his journey throughout. Furthermore, their analysis will illustrate their contribution to its depth and authenticity.


“Saltburn” has generated much media buzz and discussion for its innovative storytelling and complex characters, particularly its use of shock scenes within a meaningful narrative arc, thanks to Fennell’s skillful direction and Keoghan’s compelling performance. This article has addressed Oliver Quick’s complex layers while exploring why some controversial scenes from “Saltburn” exist; moreover, “Saltburn” goes further by being an exploration into human emotion than just another tale about obsession or grief.

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