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David Diehl Obituary What Happened to David Wendell Diehl?

On January 30th 2023, Akron resident David Wendell Diehl died peacefully at age 74 surrounded by his daughter Joanna Sue Lower and loving family. Dave lived a full life marked by adventures and relationships; dedication to family life; significant contributions in his professional field; as we remember Dave today we celebrate his life which touched many with his warmth, intelligence, and thirst for exploration.

Who Was David Wendell Diehl?

David Wendell Diehl was a person of depth and character, growing up in Akron, Ohio before graduating high school at Springfield High School with academic distinction in 1966. Later he went on to earn his history degree at Tennessee Temple University – which is where he met Brenda Jean Waldren, his future wife.

Dave was blessed with an extraordinary personal life filled with love and companionship. In 1970 he married Brenda, giving them daughter Joanna. Unfortunately she passed away tragically two years later in 1994 leaving him without his beloved partner of 20 years – unfortunately leaving a widower behind him – but later found happiness again with Annalee Ford in 2003 and extended his family by three stepchildren and three stepgrandchildren. Later years saw Dave enjoy his role as grandfather by nurturing and cherishing time spent with them.

Professionally, Dave was an exceptional Computer Analyst for Medical Mutual of Ohio. His dedication and skill at work were greatly valued among colleagues and peers alike.

What Happened to David Wendell Diehl?

David Wendell Diehl battled cholangiocarcinoma, a form of cancer affecting the bile ducts, until his final days. Yet through it all he maintained his dignity and strength with love and support from family. Joanna Diehl was always near him during this final journey bringing comfort and support during these final hours.

Dave’s illness was an excruciating journey for himself and those closest to him who supported him through medical treatments. With his passing on January 30th 2023 came an end to his valiant fight against disease; leaving his loved ones and friends to grieve their loss.

Remembering David Wendell Diehl

David Wendell Diehl will always be remembered fondly for his adventurous spirit and zest for life. An avid traveler, Dave explored various parts of Europe as well as America’s majestic National Parks – from skiing in Park City and backpacking on Isle Royale, to rafting down Colorado River and motorcycling scenic rides through western mountains of both countries.

Dave enjoyed taking simple pleasures, like dining out with friends and family, for creating moments filled with happiness and laughter. His adventurous nature was perfectly balanced by his friendly demeanor, making him an immensely beloved presence among those he knew.

Legacy of David Wendell Diehl

David Wendell Diehl left an indelible mark on lives he touched and memories he helped create, from intimate family ties to professional contributions as a Computer Analyst he set an impressive standard in his field. His memory will long outlive us.

Dave left behind an inspirational legacy, invigorating others to embrace life with curiosity and adventure. His travel stories and passion will live on through those closest to him.

On October 14th at Hartzell Cemetery near North Benton, Ohio, friends and family will come together to remember Dave’s life and legacy. Instead of sending flowers, his family suggests donations be made in his name to Haven of Rest Ministries in Akron; an organization which truly reflected Dave’s spirit of giving and community involvement.

Conclusion In conclusion, David Wendell Diehl lived an extraordinary life filled with love, adventure, and dedication. Although his passing leaves an irreparable hole in our hearts, his spirit will live on through memories to inspire and comfort us all. His journey serves as a reminder that every moment should be lived fully with passion and purpose.

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