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Babbitt Family Seeks Justice: $30 Million Lawsuit Over Capitol Tragedy

Ashli Babbitt’s family have taken legal action against the US government following her tragic death during January’s insurrection at Capitol Hill on Jan 6, seeking $30 Million as compensation in a wrongful death suit against Ashli. In this article we look into more detail of their suit, how Ashli died, as well as any wider implications this case might hold for future situations of this nature.

The Incident and Lawsuit Filing:

On January 6, 2021, the U.S. Capitol witnessed an extraordinary scene as supporters of then President Donald Trump stormed it in massive numbers. Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran was shot and killed while trying to gain entry to Speaker’s Lobby adjacent to House Chamber. Cell phone footage documented her injury before she succumbed at a local hospital.

Babbitt’s family filed a $30 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit in a federal court in Southern California over her shooting by Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd on April 23. Their suit alleges she was unarmed when shot, with hands raised up, without being threatened, thus leading her to believe they had no choice in this situation; yet an August 2021 report by Capitol Police states their internal investigation concluded Lt. Byrd had taken legal actions within his department policy that could potentially prevent further injury during riot.

Contrasting Perspectives:

The lawsuit paints two disparate pictures of events surrounding Babbitt’s death. Her family depicted her as an avid patriot and supporter of Trump, while official reports depict an immediate security risk posed by protestors who breached Congress chambers; In their defense, Capitol Police noted how officers barricaded Speaker’s Lobby with furniture to stop protestors breaching House chambers before suggesting Byrd took appropriate steps per his training and policies against potential security risks in that room.

This disparate view extends to Lt. Byrd himself; according to one lawsuit alleging his conduct as unwarranted; by contrast, however, Capitol Police supported Byrd’s actions as appropriate given their circumstances – reflecting just one aspect of how individuals perceive and interpret events on Jan 6.

Wider Context and Aftermath:

Babbitt’s lawsuit can be seen against an ongoing backdrop of legal and political consequences stemming from the Capitol riot, with nearly 1,200 charged so far (with nearly 700 pleading guilty); many injuries occurred as a result, with approximately 140 police officers assaulted during this event.

Ashli Babbitt and the lawsuit she initiated since her Jan. 6 events have become central topics of conversation surrounding these events, with mother Micki Witthoeft becoming increasingly visible as she met with then House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to organize protests outside a D.C. jail and led rallies outside. Additionally, these legal proceedings demonstrate how law enforcement continues to use force when faced with highly charged political environments.

As Ashli Babbitt’s family filed its $30 Million Lawsuit on Jan 6, it adds an entirely new element to ongoing discussions surrounding Capitol Riot events, raising pertinent issues including appropriate use of force, law enforcement’s responsibility during such unprecedented incidents, perceptions among participants involved and perceptions between those participating. No doubt as it progresses it will continue to create heated discussion in response to deeply divisive acts such as Capitol Riot.

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