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Bruce Wilkoff Obituary And Death Cause What Happened To Bruce Wilkoff?

Bruce L. Wilkoff’s life, guided by faith and filled with outstanding achievements, came to an end on January 7, 2024 at age 69. He found solace in Psalm 37:23-24 for guidance, love, and to understand others better – something which resonates throughout this article celebrating his personal, professional, and spiritual achievements.

What Defined Bruce as a Family Man?

Bruce was deeply committed to his family life. Married for 44 years to Ellyn, Bruce was an outstanding example of long-term marriage commitment and mutual respect. His marriage was an example of love between husband and wife as they demonstrated this throughout their time together. Bruce enjoyed deep affectionate parenting roles with Jacob, Benjamin and Ephram respectively while relishing being an inspiring grandfather figure to Caleb Oliver Tobias Arlo Erica Mya Glenn Walden among many more grandchildren.

Bruce was blessed to share an enduring relationship with his siblings Louise, Jonathan and Ross who formed an unbreakable bond. His parents Harvey and Glenna instilled values of integrity and compassion that Bruce carried throughout his life. Bruce’s family life was reflective of his character – caring, supportive and deeply nurturing; we will miss his presence but his legacy of love will live on in his loved ones.

How Did Bruce Excel in His Professional Career?

Bruce was truly remarkable as an accomplished cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic for 37 years, where he earned immense respect. Additionally, his academic path included degrees from Cleveland Heights High School, Northwestern University and Ohio State University College of Medicine; plus post-MD training at both hospitals of CWRU Hospitals and Ohio State.

Bruce made enormous contributions to medicine. He held the Deb Family Endowed Chair in Lead Management and invented nine U.S. patents; his research was groundbreaking, being published in top medical journals like New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet; his dedication and impactful cardiology work earned him respect from peers as well as patients alike.

How Did Bruce’s Faith Influence His Life?

Bruce was deeply connected to his faith, as evidenced by the life verse from Psalm 78:72 that served as his guidepost in life. His spiritual journey was marked by an upright heart and skillful guidance reminiscent of that of a shepherd as depicted in Psalm 78. Furthermore, Bruce actively contributed his faith community-wide at Willoughby Hills Friends Church where he participated as both member and leader.

His faith was evident in all facets of life he lived, whether as a cardiologist serving with integrity and kindness or as an inspirational source to family and friends. Bruce used his faith as the cornerstone for making decisions, building relationships and dealing with life’s challenges; making this part of his legacy.

Celebrating Bruce’s Life and Legacy

Bruce L. Wilkoff’s life was one of faith, love and excellence. As his family and friends prepare to bid him farewell, his life will be celebrated at ST. JOHN FUNERAL HOME followed by services at Willoughby Hills Friends Church and South Russell Cemetery – his final resting place will be South Russell Cemetery as part of his legacy of giving and kindness. Contributions can also be made in lieu of flowers to either Willoughby Hills Friends Church or Cleveland Clinic Foundation as a legacy to continue his legacy of giving and kindness – continuing Bruce’s legacy of giving and compassion that made such an impressionful mark on everyone he touched throughout his journey of living purposefully guided by faith and love leaving an indelible impression in each heart he met on earth!

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