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Deadly Hotel Shooting in Cloquet, Minnesota Claims Lives of Clerk and Two Guests

Cloquet, Minnesota was rocked by an unfortunate shooting incident at a local hotel that resulted in the deaths of a hotel clerk and two potential guests – including the suspect himself – before responding law enforcement agencies and community members were alerted about it. This article explores all aspects of what occurred at Super 8 hotel before providing insight into their responses from law enforcement as well as community responses.

What Happened at the Super 8 Hotel in Cloquet?

On a seemingly routine Monday evening in Cloquet, Minnesota was rocked by gunfire at the Super 8 Hotel. An employee alerted police at approximately 6:30 p.m. regarding an individual who appeared to have been attacked; within three minutes officers arrived on scene to find themselves dealing with an extremely grave situation.

A 22-year-old hotel clerk was found with a gunshot wound and, despite being taken to the hospital for medical attention, tragically died as a result. Additionally, in the hotel parking lot a 35-year-old Deer River man with multiple gunshot wounds was discovered dead inside his vehicle while evidence suggests self-infliction as self-defense; then on Ramsey property was another 32-year-old male found deceased, suspected as self-shooter as evidence suggested self-inflicted gunshot wound evidence along with handgun nearby; surveillance footage confirmed this individual as being responsible.

Hotel surveillance recorded the entire shoot-out incident for approximately 10 minutes prior to police arrival. At this time, no names of individuals involved have been released publicly and authorities continue their investigation as to motive and connection between three. It is suspected both men were guests at the hotel.

How Did the Incident Occur and End?

At the Super 8 hotel in Cloquet, Minnesota, an alarming chain of events unfolded quickly after an employee called police for assistance at an initial call by hotel employee. Cloquet Police Chief Derek Randall noted the rapid discovery of victims by officers upon arriving. A 22-year-old clerk found grievously injured inside was transported quickly to hospital for care, where she eventually succumbed. Two other bodies were discovered outside, one in a vehicle and one on hotel property.

Surveillance video was instrumental in reconstructing the timeline of this tragedy. It revealed an approximately 10-minute span of chaos and violence before law enforcement arrived on scene, and identified 32-year-old man from Ramsey as the shooter, who ultimately died by self-inflicted gunshot wound.

This violent episode caused immediate panic and ultimately resulted in an expansive public safety response. An active shooter alert was issued, alerting residents in the surrounding area to shelter in place if an active shooter were in the vicinity. Police assisted hockey game attendees in safely leaving the area before eventually lifting the alert 90 minutes later when confirmation came of suspect’s death and no longer-term threats against public safety were present.

What Is the Community and Government Response?

Cloquet, home to approximately 12,000 residents, has been left reeling by the shooting at the Super 8 hotel, located just minutes from residents. This tragic event has further cemented their sense of vulnerability and grief among their tight-knit community members, leaving local authorities and community leaders grappling with dealing with its aftermath.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz addressed the shooting during a separate news conference, emphasizing its impactful personal nature in small communities where everyone may know someone involved. His statement highlighted not only sorrow and shock felt by survivors of such tragedies but also addressed gun violence more broadly as an issue affecting society as a whole. Governor Walz expressed growing concern regarding gun-related incidents becoming normalized and expressed urgency to address them on a larger scale.

As the investigation unfolds, Cloquet and Minnesota as a whole are grappling with the repercussions of this tragic incident. It has inspired discussions regarding public safety, gun control and how best to prevent similar tragedies from recurring in future. Collective mourning accompanies an urgent call for action that ensures everyone’s wellbeing and protection.

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